Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First time to go to Day Camp

I remember day camp very fondly, most of my memories are from when I was a counselor though. But it's the first step of the camping process and I can't wait for the girls to be able to go off to summer camp in the next couple of years. Girl Scout Summer camp was one of the highlights of my childhood. I couldn't WAIT for the catalog to come out each year with the descriptions of the different activities we could sign up for. I went to every camp in my council and even my mom's camp from when she was a kid. Then I had to go up the ranks from camper to counselor-in-training (3 yr program!) to counselor to Riding Director. Yes, I did stop short of running the entire camp, but I am only 33... perhaps that is in my future....

Before I get too far ahead of myself, let me get back to my babies who are now old enough for their first day camp. It was through the community center and it was called Princesses and Knights. It was only from 9-12, but this was a big step for my girls. Although, they would have been fine if it was an all day thing! They had a blast. They did songs and games, read stories, did art projects and just had plain good ol' fun.

 Izzie and Maddie on their first day of camp.

 Day two they were told to wear a princess costume.

 There are my girls near the front listening to the story at pick up. I had to stay until she was completely finished with the book, they weren't ready to leave!

Day three, they ran on ahead of me, too eager to get to camp!

On the first day the girls were a bit nervous. So they focused their nervous energy on Teddy and Bunny. Izzie asked me to give Teddy a bath and to feed him and get him dressed. So to be cute, I decided to go ahead and get them both all cozed up so when the girls got home, they could tell their lovies were well taken care of. They loved it so much that I just had to keep going....

 Day two they came home to Teddy and Bunny enjoying some tea.

 Day three they were playing with the girls legos.

 Day four they helped the girls finish up a coloring project they were working on.

And for the last day, they opened up a new toy I bought for the girls. The last day of camp is always so sad, I wanted something special waiting for them at home!

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