Thursday, August 15, 2013

Catch up from the end of July....

 I finally went and got my hair trimmed. It'd been a long while. She had to cut 3-4 inches off and it's still so long! I didn't realize how long it had gotten until she blew it out straight. I look so different without my curls! But rest assured, as soon as I washed it all the curls came back!

 One day after Princess Day Camp I met up with Emily and her 3 boys to visit Fort Vancouver. It's a museum of sorts of how the Fort worked back in those olden days. We had fun visiting all the different buildings and wondering around the property.

 This was at the general store. The curator was really patient with all the kids questions about the different furs, and other items in the store.

 Izzie and Maddie's favorite part was the huge field of dandelion flowers that needed picking.

Later that day at home, I couldn't find Izzie. I went outside and called her name. "What? I'm up here mom!" You can see previous evidence of a tree limb breaking in their attempts to scale this poor little tree. Our backyard has a lot of big awesome trees in it, but they aren't the climbing kind. I'm hoping the new rock wall will help divert some of the climbing urges!

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