Thursday, August 22, 2013

Life as usual...

 So, one day, I was sitting at my desk and I see a blur of motion throw this sheet of paper at me and then take off. It took me a minute to cipher it, but it says, "Mommy, you have to find me, I won't be caught!" So, I started took off and looked and looked and finally found Maddie hiding. What a fun way to do a surprise game of hide and go seek! And I love the way she phrased it, I think it's from watching Daddy's video games.

 Uh... the slugs up here are ginormous.  It was half the size of my palm!

 This was actually taken during princess camp. One day after camp we went straight over to the library. Normally I don't let them wear dress up clothes out and about, so this was extra special.

 Izzie was a rockstar princess.

 Maddie has really been into projects of her own creation/design lately. Here she made a collage by cutting up construction paper and gluing it to another sheet.

 The girls worked together to make this zoo. They drew cages and even started to group the animals to their habitats. Like all the the pond/water animals, the farm animals, the safari animals, etc.

 More slack-lining. This time in our pajamas. Izzie.

 This project took a lot of math. But it came out looking pretty awesome. I wanted all black frames, but I decided to just use what I already owned.

 It's a long narrow hallway so it was hard to get a good picture of the final result.

 Izzie and Maddie watching Daddy play on the playstation.

 Momma and Maddie.

 Starting a sewing project. Izzie decided to use a very old sweater of hers for the project. She traced the pattern and now she's carefully cutting it out.

 Maddie starting to sew.

This little pillow took two sessions to complete. They are doing really great with the sewing though.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Catch up from the end of July....

 I finally went and got my hair trimmed. It'd been a long while. She had to cut 3-4 inches off and it's still so long! I didn't realize how long it had gotten until she blew it out straight. I look so different without my curls! But rest assured, as soon as I washed it all the curls came back!

 One day after Princess Day Camp I met up with Emily and her 3 boys to visit Fort Vancouver. It's a museum of sorts of how the Fort worked back in those olden days. We had fun visiting all the different buildings and wondering around the property.

 This was at the general store. The curator was really patient with all the kids questions about the different furs, and other items in the store.

 Izzie and Maddie's favorite part was the huge field of dandelion flowers that needed picking.

Later that day at home, I couldn't find Izzie. I went outside and called her name. "What? I'm up here mom!" You can see previous evidence of a tree limb breaking in their attempts to scale this poor little tree. Our backyard has a lot of big awesome trees in it, but they aren't the climbing kind. I'm hoping the new rock wall will help divert some of the climbing urges!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy Belated Half Birthday!

These five year old girls of mine have quite the energy and I've been looking for creative and fun ways to channel it. I came across this contraption called a slackline and just knew they'd love it. After talking it over with Mema and Pepaw they decided to give the girls a half birthday present this year so that they could play with these things during the summer. Plus, traveling home for Christmas presents are going to be tricky this year. It took a bit of price comparison to find what I was looking for, but I finally found these rock holds on ebay. I got the slackline from Amazon and the rope ladder from HearthSong. 

 Maddie starting to climb as I'm screwing the holds into the side of our shed. She was helping me figure out where to put the next one.

 Izzie jumped righ on too.

 Maddie REACHING high!

 Perching on with a look like, "uh... now what!" I worked with them for a while making sure they knew how to climb down, as well as up!

 The slackline! This is seriously not easy! It takes a lot of balance. This is Maddie. The guide line helps beginners, but if you check out youtube vidoe's adults do some pretty awesome stunts on these lines. There is even a type of yoga for slacklining.

 Maddie working on a trick.

 Izzie turning around.

 The rope ladder. This thing is pretty tricky too, because it wiggles around as you try to climb it.

Wide view of the rock climbing wall.

Thank you SO much Mema and Pepaw, your gifts are well loved and appreciated. They will get many summers of great use out of them.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

One Inch Person House

We read a poem by Shel Silverstein the other day about a one inch person. This morning while I was at the grocery store, Maddie constructed a house out of paper and tape for a One Inch Person to live in, including furniture. I think she did a remarkable job, we've never done a project remotely like this!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

First time to go to Day Camp

I remember day camp very fondly, most of my memories are from when I was a counselor though. But it's the first step of the camping process and I can't wait for the girls to be able to go off to summer camp in the next couple of years. Girl Scout Summer camp was one of the highlights of my childhood. I couldn't WAIT for the catalog to come out each year with the descriptions of the different activities we could sign up for. I went to every camp in my council and even my mom's camp from when she was a kid. Then I had to go up the ranks from camper to counselor-in-training (3 yr program!) to counselor to Riding Director. Yes, I did stop short of running the entire camp, but I am only 33... perhaps that is in my future....

Before I get too far ahead of myself, let me get back to my babies who are now old enough for their first day camp. It was through the community center and it was called Princesses and Knights. It was only from 9-12, but this was a big step for my girls. Although, they would have been fine if it was an all day thing! They had a blast. They did songs and games, read stories, did art projects and just had plain good ol' fun.

 Izzie and Maddie on their first day of camp.

 Day two they were told to wear a princess costume.

 There are my girls near the front listening to the story at pick up. I had to stay until she was completely finished with the book, they weren't ready to leave!

Day three, they ran on ahead of me, too eager to get to camp!

On the first day the girls were a bit nervous. So they focused their nervous energy on Teddy and Bunny. Izzie asked me to give Teddy a bath and to feed him and get him dressed. So to be cute, I decided to go ahead and get them both all cozed up so when the girls got home, they could tell their lovies were well taken care of. They loved it so much that I just had to keep going....

 Day two they came home to Teddy and Bunny enjoying some tea.

 Day three they were playing with the girls legos.

 Day four they helped the girls finish up a coloring project they were working on.

And for the last day, they opened up a new toy I bought for the girls. The last day of camp is always so sad, I wanted something special waiting for them at home!

The Great Chapter Book

 Izzie's report at the end of swimming. Perfect marks, with a comment to work on listening skills.

 Maddie's report at the end of swimming. Also perfect marks! Both girls were told to skip level 1 next summer. They were in a "pre-level" this year. Awesome performance girls!

 Maddie working on her chapter book. A couple of weeks ago, she found this little journal book and said she was going to write a chapter book. She picked a topic, our campout from a few months ago, and started writing. And writing. And writing. She's been working on it off and on for a couple of weeks now and she's on chapter 20. Each chapter is anywhere from 1/2 a page to one page long of her book. Her chapters are about the friends we met, the food we ate, the hikes we went on, the day at the river, our tent, bugs, one chapter on the fact that she didn't really have anything to write about but she still wanted to write, the campfire, biking at the campgrounds and more. I am so proud of all the hard work, and dedication she's put into this project, all of her own making. Sadly, because of spelling, handwriting and word spacing issues it is very, very difficult to read. But even from page one to where she is now you can see an improvement! I would transcribe it for her, but she didn't want me to and she sometimes has a hard time reading back what she wrote. You can read enough words on the page to get the gist of each chapter though. She really is sounding out her thoughts, not just writing random letters.

 So proud!

 So, Izzie's art work stack got too full for her inbox. So, we sat down over the course of two sessions and went through each piece. She came up with a keep, recycle and give away pile. This is her recycle pile, which is about half of her art. It wasn't easy but it is a good lesson. Artists need to evaluate their own work!

Last day of class. Coach, Maddie and Izzie.