Monday, July 29, 2013


Both the girls are really into writing lately. They will write a story on a scrap of paper, in a bound journal or on anything they can get their hands on. I love it. We are working on trying to remember spaces between words so it is easier to sound out stories later. But these are usually written all in their own time without me watching so I'm not there to remind them about those spaces. I know they'll come with time. I'm so proud of my two little writers!
 Maddie wrote: The Big Bear. The Big Bear sat in the dirt. The big bear got the dirt leafy. The end (id) by: Maddie
 Also by Maddie: The Big Frog. The Big Frog sat on a lilypad. The big frog got the frog lilypad wet. The end by Maddie.
 The big bunny. The Big bunny sat on a log. The big buny got the log muddy. The end by Maddie.

 Izzie's are a bit harder to read.... but this one was about a Polar Bear. The Big Polar Bear. The Big Polar bear sat on a ...? Polar bear got the ?? got too leafy. The polar bear sat on a ? ?? icy. ? ?? The End By: Izzie

 This one was about a Princess, but again, it was too hard for me to read back. Her work isn't always this hard to read but I wanted to take a picture of these because they worked on them at night one time and brought them to me at breakfast, both so very very proud of their accomplishment.

 Izzie and Maddie at the library.

 It was caveman day. They were supposed to lay under the tables and draw up like on the walls of a cave. There was paper taped to the bottom of the tables. They got to use oil pastels, which I found out that they both love. So I bought them a box of oil pastels for home and they have really taken to them. I have a feeling I'll need to stock up on these! Here's Maddie trying to decide what to draw.

 They also colored on rocks with pencils. Yeah, I'm not sure either but they liked it and had fun. So that's all that matters. (Izzie, Maddie.)

 One evening the girls were outside and they caught a frog. They were super excited about it and watched it for 15 or so minutes before it escaped. They ran inside grabbed their science notebooks, quickly sketched the frog from their observations. Izzie wrote an account of what happened.
Translated from above: Izzie caught frog. We looked at frog. We got frog new water. We catched frog out of the water. Frog hopped away. The end. By Izzie

The only thing I did to help was remind about those spaces!

 This is Maddie's. She decided instead of writing sentences she wanted to write descriptive words.
Frog, Flies (as in what it eats), Swims, River (where it would live), Black (it was a black frog), Medium (as in size), Hopped, Tadpole (what it was as a baby), ??, Fast

 Maddie and Izzie at gymnastics with Coach Helen.

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