Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer! Dollar theater, storytime, picnics!

 We went to a dollar movie the other day. It was just us and a few of our closest friends! JoAnn, Emily, Matt, Christopher, James, William, Jack, ben, Izzie, Maddie, Amy, Emma, Hailey and Olivia

 James and William pretending to play.

 Maddie and Izzie watching Christopher pretned to play.

 Hailey, Olivia, Amy and Emma.

 Chrisopher, James, William and Emily
 Izzie and Maddie


 Izzie modeling a dress I upcycled. The bodice was from an old 4T dress of theirs and the skirt is from a button up blouse that used to belong to me.

 A day at OMSI with Natalie and her crew and Emily and her boys. (Izzie in the purple and  Maddie next to her) They are doing flubber with their friend Chloe and Taylor.

 Izzie reading a library book to Daddy and Maddie.

 My kitty Jake looking all handsome. He gives me a good excuse not to make my bed, because he steals my warm spot first thing in the morning when I get out of bed.

 Maddie working on some creation.

 Izzie cutting out a paper doll that she designed and made.

 Getting our wiggles out at storytime. (Izzie and Maddie.)

 The librarian said, "Make up to three handprints." So Maddie did 3.

 Izzie. These are going to hang up in the room as decoration for a couple of weeks.

 That day we went to storytime, then left to have a picnic at the park next to gymnastics and then went to gymnastics. It was a non-stop day!

 Izzie collecting wildflowers.

 Maddie walking the "beam"

 Maddie wrote a little story on a piece of paper and then she read it back to me.

Catching bubbles at storytime.

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