Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Some of this and some of that

 So, I'm not sure what this was really ever about. The girls went into their school room and put all the chairs in front of the door, then they started laughing and laughing like crazy. Silly!

 After a very long fun day, I was worn out. I was trying to figure out what I was going to throw together for dinner when Izzie starts describing a very specific sandwich. One in which, I was pretty sure she wasn't going to want to eat. So I told her that she better go and make it herself because I didn't want to mess up her recipe. I figured if SHE made it, then maybe she'd actually eat it. Maddie then of course wanted to make her self a sandwich too. My biggest mistake was in not having them make ME a sandwich. I'm totally doing that soon. Anyway, Izzie ended up eating half of her weird sandwich, which is probably more than if I had made it for her.

 Some of our friends over to play. Olivia, Hailey and Emma are 3.5 so Maddie and Izzie got to be the "big" girls.
 Later that day, we went over to JoAnn's house for a splash playdate. Natalie was there with her four kids and Alison came with her twins.

 The girls are loving their swimclass. It's at the indoor community pool, which is a pretty cool pool. The only really unfavorable thing is that the parents have to sit behind this glass wall outside the pool area. Maddie and Izzie are little blibs way across the pool so I really don't get to watch their lesson at all.

 Natalie came over with her four kids for a playdate. It was a beautiful summer day and they were all happily playing iPad, with a dragon. (Natalie's youngest little boy, came dressed like a dragon.)

 Daddy got a package that had lots of packing peanuts so the girls got some sensory tubs to play! Maddie and Izzie.

 How many peanuts can Izzie fit in the cookie cutter?

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