Sunday, July 21, 2013

Doing of things

 While we were at the zoo on the 4th, we told the girls they could get an ice cream cone. Well, surprisingly we couldn't find any place at the zoo that sold cones. Since it's a rare treat for the girls to get ice cream that isn't homemade they really wanted us to uphold our promise. So we stopped at Wendy's on the way home and got them a cone. They went outside to eat it when we got home and as they were eating their cone they started finding the seashells I had hid everywhere. The night before I had gone to a craftstore for some items and saw this big bag of random shells. I thought they'd be fun for the girls to play with outside, almost like an easter egg hunt. I didn't get credit though. As soon as they saw these sea shells (there is a bunch on the picnic table there) they got all excited that the Grow Fairies came and brought them a gift. The Grow Fairies are fairies that come at night to sprinkle grow dust on you if you are eating healthy and getting exercise. I'm not sure why they got the credit, but I just rolled with it.

 I bought a book off Amazon called "Sewing School." It's a great beginner sewing book. It's set up as lessons and they start off really simply and get more complex. The first lesson was making a Needle Book to store your needles. It mostly taught what a pattern was, how to cut one out and how to sew on a button. This is Izzie cutting out her chalk line after she carefully traced her pattern. It also taught how to tie a knot, how to thread your own needle and that you only use your sewing scissors for cloth. (this is especially important for beginner cutters because dull scissors on cloth would be even more frustrating.)

 Izzie is helping Maddie hold down her pattern so that she can trace it out of the felt.

 Izzie with her finished book and she's putting the needles in it.

 Working on putting up her needles.

 Maddie sewing on her button. They did it almost all by themselves.

 And they were PROUD of the results! (Maddie.)


 While they were working on that, I was working on this project. They had this sconce in their room. I forgot to take a before picture but the pink part was black and there was no sparkly flower or crystals. I painted it with kilz, then with two layers of pink. I glued on the crystals and then covered a piece of balsa wood with scrapbook paper (the light pink.) I finished it off with scrapbook embellishment of the flower and swirls. Now it is perfect for their room and I didn't have to spend $50+ for a new sconce. I think I spent less than $5 for the supplies.

 For our second week at ACE (our homeschool group) one of the moms brought in some dry ice and different materials to experiment with it. The little kids, like my girls, had fun watching the dry ice and seeing the vapor come off of it. The bigger kids were using vocabulary words like sublimation. It was pretty cool.

 Watching dry ice buble in apple juice and cranberry juice. When the ice was completely gone, some of the kids drank the now cold drinks.

 Back at home, Izzie found these arts & crafts jewels and made an Emerald City from us reading the Land of Oz.

 One day, the girls came up to me and asked if they could have a very special tea party snack. Izzie asked for homemade chocolate milk and fruit. She wanted some marshmallows to use as "sugar" cubes and some milk as cream. They put a sheet across their little table and set it all up.

 Using their best manners they asked each other to please pass the cream, and could you please add one sugar to my tea.

Maddie and Izzie really had a fun snack experience!

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