Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Debunking the Socialization Myth

Some people worry that homeschooled kids don't get out enough or get enough socialization. I'm here to prove that theory very wrong. At least for our case, I'm sure everyone is different. Here is a "In the life of" our schedule for about the past three weeks. I'm not trying to justify anything, I was never worried my kids would have enough "social" time with kids of all ages and grown-ups too, but we have been busy this summer and it's fun to see it all laid out!

25th - 10:30 am Dollar Theater with three other families. 11 kids total.
26th - 9 am Coffee with a neighbor
          1 pm OMSI with friends
27th - 1 pm Gymnastics class
28th - 10:30 am Sandy Swimming Hole with two other families - 7 kids total
           1 pm - Play at Natalie's house
           2 pm - ACE Homeschool group lots of new friends to play with!
29th - Paint M& I bedroom
30th - More paint, paint grill too. Then use grill to make yummy dinner.

1st - 10:10 am Swim Lessons!
         2 -3:30 pm - Free Swim with two other families, 9 kids
2nd - 10:30 am Host Playdate with Amy and her three girls
           1 pm Playdate at JoAnn's with lots of kids, 11 I think!
           7 pm Landmark Education Success Seminar (me time!)
3rd - 10:10 am Swim Lessons
          1pm Host Playdate, Natalie and her 4 kids
          5 pm MNO (more me time!)
4th - Independence Day! Spent at Zoo with Family
5th - 1pm Play at Natalie's
        2 pm ACE Homeschool Group
6th and 7th - Catch up on housework!! Yikes.
8th - 10:10 Swim Lessons
9th - 11:30 Storytime
           1 pm picnic at the park with friends
           8:30 MNO (More me time!)
10th - 10:10 Swim Lessons
           2 -3:30 pm - Free Swim with two other families, 9 kids
and tomorrow, Thursday
11th - 11am Gymnastics
           lunch in car on the way to playdate at Amy's

I think we are going to have a "homeday" on Friday! Next week I haven't decided what we are going to do. There is a Multiple's splashpad day at the park, another dollar movie, another trip to OMSI... What do they say? I'll sleep when I'm dead...

(ps. This list does not include any school lessons that we've done. I am doing a lighter schedule this summer, but we are keeping up with some school!)


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