Saturday, July 27, 2013

Car Wash

 Izzie and Daddy washing the car.


 I think I put this on facebook as Daddy and his babies washing his baby...

 Maddie and Izzie

 Yay! My car got washed too. Yes, they are using a cooler, because I couldn't find my bucket and John grabbed the cooler. Whatever. It worked.

 We have Disney castles coming out of our ears. And since we downsized our house we have less space for toys. And since the weather here is awesome, I've designated a bunch of toys as outdoor toys, at least for the summer. Maddie and Izzie loved being able to set up a "real" village with their castles. So cool. I hoping to that for Christmas/birthdays this year we get more "experiences" like tickets to plays, museums, etc. Or things to help with homeschooling. We have toys coming out of our ears.

 Their little oasis.

 Trying to save where I can! These tights had a rip in the knee so I put a cute patch on them.

 These girls sure do love their stuffies! I think they were putting on a play or a show for them all, and wanted a picture taken. (Izzie and Maddie.)

So sad, four of these cedars in my neighbors yard came down. He said he was afraid they were going to fall. Bummer.

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