Monday, July 29, 2013


Both the girls are really into writing lately. They will write a story on a scrap of paper, in a bound journal or on anything they can get their hands on. I love it. We are working on trying to remember spaces between words so it is easier to sound out stories later. But these are usually written all in their own time without me watching so I'm not there to remind them about those spaces. I know they'll come with time. I'm so proud of my two little writers!
 Maddie wrote: The Big Bear. The Big Bear sat in the dirt. The big bear got the dirt leafy. The end (id) by: Maddie
 Also by Maddie: The Big Frog. The Big Frog sat on a lilypad. The big frog got the frog lilypad wet. The end by Maddie.
 The big bunny. The Big bunny sat on a log. The big buny got the log muddy. The end by Maddie.

 Izzie's are a bit harder to read.... but this one was about a Polar Bear. The Big Polar Bear. The Big Polar bear sat on a ...? Polar bear got the ?? got too leafy. The polar bear sat on a ? ?? icy. ? ?? The End By: Izzie

 This one was about a Princess, but again, it was too hard for me to read back. Her work isn't always this hard to read but I wanted to take a picture of these because they worked on them at night one time and brought them to me at breakfast, both so very very proud of their accomplishment.

 Izzie and Maddie at the library.

 It was caveman day. They were supposed to lay under the tables and draw up like on the walls of a cave. There was paper taped to the bottom of the tables. They got to use oil pastels, which I found out that they both love. So I bought them a box of oil pastels for home and they have really taken to them. I have a feeling I'll need to stock up on these! Here's Maddie trying to decide what to draw.

 They also colored on rocks with pencils. Yeah, I'm not sure either but they liked it and had fun. So that's all that matters. (Izzie, Maddie.)

 One evening the girls were outside and they caught a frog. They were super excited about it and watched it for 15 or so minutes before it escaped. They ran inside grabbed their science notebooks, quickly sketched the frog from their observations. Izzie wrote an account of what happened.
Translated from above: Izzie caught frog. We looked at frog. We got frog new water. We catched frog out of the water. Frog hopped away. The end. By Izzie

The only thing I did to help was remind about those spaces!

 This is Maddie's. She decided instead of writing sentences she wanted to write descriptive words.
Frog, Flies (as in what it eats), Swims, River (where it would live), Black (it was a black frog), Medium (as in size), Hopped, Tadpole (what it was as a baby), ??, Fast

 Maddie and Izzie at gymnastics with Coach Helen.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Car Wash

 Izzie and Daddy washing the car.


 I think I put this on facebook as Daddy and his babies washing his baby...

 Maddie and Izzie

 Yay! My car got washed too. Yes, they are using a cooler, because I couldn't find my bucket and John grabbed the cooler. Whatever. It worked.

 We have Disney castles coming out of our ears. And since we downsized our house we have less space for toys. And since the weather here is awesome, I've designated a bunch of toys as outdoor toys, at least for the summer. Maddie and Izzie loved being able to set up a "real" village with their castles. So cool. I hoping to that for Christmas/birthdays this year we get more "experiences" like tickets to plays, museums, etc. Or things to help with homeschooling. We have toys coming out of our ears.

 Their little oasis.

 Trying to save where I can! These tights had a rip in the knee so I put a cute patch on them.

 These girls sure do love their stuffies! I think they were putting on a play or a show for them all, and wanted a picture taken. (Izzie and Maddie.)

So sad, four of these cedars in my neighbors yard came down. He said he was afraid they were going to fall. Bummer.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Parks, Books and Swimming

 Another afternoon at the park. Our house is pretty shaded because of all the trees around it. This is cool. This means that even though it's July we've only turned our air conditioner on for probably a total of 6 hours this summer. Otherwise, it's just the perfect temperature. The girls were actually a bit cool so they were wearing summer dresses with their little jackets. But at the park, with no shade, it got hot fast! It was you know a whole 80 degrees...

 Izzie climbing. I want to get some of these climbing nodes to put on the side of the house/shed. I'd prefer house but John says shed. Hurumph. I've got to find where to buy them first.

 Playing a balancing game the girls got for their birthday. (Izzie and Maddie)

 Swim lessons. Izzie and Maddie. They were actually chilly so that's why they are grimacing.

 The pool where we do lessons is pretty cool, we've got to remember to come back for free swim!

 Izzie practicing her handstand in the hallway.

 We decided to try out a different library. It was a lot smaller than the downtown library, which make sense. This was our first male storytime reader we've had and he was awesome. All the kids were stuck on his every word.

 Maddie playing with some of the features in the kid area of the library.

 Izzie found a book nook.

 Hello, Hello! Can I get some service? Maddie and Izzie playing at the library.

 I bought this rope ladder and then couldn't figure out where to hang it. We have a lot of trees but they are giant trees with no low branches. I ended up hanging off the side porch, which makes a sort of short balcony because of the slop of the land. It's harder to climb a rope ladder than you think because it is so wiggly. This is Izzie giving it a go.

 And Maddie about to take a turn.

 Swimming at the public pool in Camas.

 We got to gymnastics early one day and the girls decided to sit in the front seat before we went inside. (Maddie, Izzie)

 Went to our friend's house. Olivia was at her grandma's house but Izzie and Maddie got to play with Hailey and Emma.
 Izzie and Maddie showing off their jean shorts. I couldn't get them to wear any last summer, so glad they are wearing them this summer!

 Their room as it is now. I'm thinking bunkbeds, but either way we need some sort of headboards. I have some artwork I want to hang also, but have to go to IKEA for frames.

 Went out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants called Twilight. Maddie was using my sunglasses. John said she looked like her Aunt Dana here.


 These curtains ended up being a weekend project. I started with two panels and realized I needed three. But three would be odd, so I cut one down the middle (after having to go back to the store because the first one I got was packaged wrong and was a different pink curtain. grrr.) Then I sewed the two pieces to the other orginal panels. Then I bought a million spools of ribbon and hand sewed them into loops, putting crystals at the ends of some of them. Strung them all individually on the rod. It looks awesome though! And these are black out curtains which totally rock.

Close up of the ribbons.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Doing of things

 While we were at the zoo on the 4th, we told the girls they could get an ice cream cone. Well, surprisingly we couldn't find any place at the zoo that sold cones. Since it's a rare treat for the girls to get ice cream that isn't homemade they really wanted us to uphold our promise. So we stopped at Wendy's on the way home and got them a cone. They went outside to eat it when we got home and as they were eating their cone they started finding the seashells I had hid everywhere. The night before I had gone to a craftstore for some items and saw this big bag of random shells. I thought they'd be fun for the girls to play with outside, almost like an easter egg hunt. I didn't get credit though. As soon as they saw these sea shells (there is a bunch on the picnic table there) they got all excited that the Grow Fairies came and brought them a gift. The Grow Fairies are fairies that come at night to sprinkle grow dust on you if you are eating healthy and getting exercise. I'm not sure why they got the credit, but I just rolled with it.

 I bought a book off Amazon called "Sewing School." It's a great beginner sewing book. It's set up as lessons and they start off really simply and get more complex. The first lesson was making a Needle Book to store your needles. It mostly taught what a pattern was, how to cut one out and how to sew on a button. This is Izzie cutting out her chalk line after she carefully traced her pattern. It also taught how to tie a knot, how to thread your own needle and that you only use your sewing scissors for cloth. (this is especially important for beginner cutters because dull scissors on cloth would be even more frustrating.)

 Izzie is helping Maddie hold down her pattern so that she can trace it out of the felt.

 Izzie with her finished book and she's putting the needles in it.

 Working on putting up her needles.

 Maddie sewing on her button. They did it almost all by themselves.

 And they were PROUD of the results! (Maddie.)


 While they were working on that, I was working on this project. They had this sconce in their room. I forgot to take a before picture but the pink part was black and there was no sparkly flower or crystals. I painted it with kilz, then with two layers of pink. I glued on the crystals and then covered a piece of balsa wood with scrapbook paper (the light pink.) I finished it off with scrapbook embellishment of the flower and swirls. Now it is perfect for their room and I didn't have to spend $50+ for a new sconce. I think I spent less than $5 for the supplies.

 For our second week at ACE (our homeschool group) one of the moms brought in some dry ice and different materials to experiment with it. The little kids, like my girls, had fun watching the dry ice and seeing the vapor come off of it. The bigger kids were using vocabulary words like sublimation. It was pretty cool.

 Watching dry ice buble in apple juice and cranberry juice. When the ice was completely gone, some of the kids drank the now cold drinks.

 Back at home, Izzie found these arts & crafts jewels and made an Emerald City from us reading the Land of Oz.

 One day, the girls came up to me and asked if they could have a very special tea party snack. Izzie asked for homemade chocolate milk and fruit. She wanted some marshmallows to use as "sugar" cubes and some milk as cream. They put a sheet across their little table and set it all up.

 Using their best manners they asked each other to please pass the cream, and could you please add one sugar to my tea.

Maddie and Izzie really had a fun snack experience!