Saturday, June 1, 2013


 Driving to the library, we had to slow down for a family of ducks crossing the road.

 Izzie leaning over to tell her friends hi!

Starting closest in the purple is Izzie, Maddie, Makena, Kayla and Isaac.

 In the teepee at the library discovery center. Izzie wrapping up her babydoll for a nap and Maddie making a new friend.

 Maddie finishing up some math homework. Grouping 10's.

 One of my latest towels. For a baby named Annalinda.

 Upcycling to stretch the clothing budget! Turned these 4t dresses into size 7/8 skirts.

 Another day, another playdate. Izzie with William and Maddie at the park.

 Maddie lovin' on her Momma.

 This was a fun book. Each page was a riddle describing another famous book. We got all but one of the riddles right!

 A rainy day led to this Pinterest inspired project. I built a tent in the hallway with tension rods, curtains and sheets. The girls very, very, quickly made it a home. They moved in a BUNCH of toys, pillows and books and made themselves quite comfortable!!

 Peeking in on the giggles.

It is getting light here at 5 IN THE MORNING. That is way, way, way too early for me. Our bedroom that was really nice when we moved in and it was still mostly winter is now a blaze of sunlight at 5AM. Our room has 2 skylights, 1 sliding glass door, 3 windows behind the bed, 1 clear story window above the doors, 3 windows in the sewing room that has a glass door to our bedroom, 3 windows in the bathroom that does not have a door and 1 window next to my desk in the corner of my bedroom.

That is 2+1+3+1+3+3+1= 14 windows in and around my Master Bedroom. How did I not realize this? Yes, we have blinds on most of those, but they don't really block the light and the skylights and the clearstory window have no covering. So I made a sleeping mask. It is awesome. I'm going to make one for John too. And, I really do love my room, just in case anyone got the wrong idea. I'm just not appreciating the sun at 5 AM yet. I should, because come winter it stays dark for a long time and gets dark really early.

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