Sunday, June 9, 2013

Pirates Four

A new tradition we've started since moving to Washington is family movie night. Most Saturday nights since we've been here we've picked out a movie to watch. We'll probably mix it up with family puzzle/game night too, bu the past several weeks has been watching Pirates of the Caribbean series. I know, I know. They are five. I can't believe they like these movies either. One day probably over a year ago, Izzie came downstairs as John was watching Pirates on the tv. It was right in the middle of the zombie pirate scene. Instead of being scared, she was fascinated and watched the rest of the movie cuddled up on the couch with Daddy. I think Maddie joined in at some point too. Ever since they've wanted to watch the whole movie. Since it didn't give them nightmares, I figured why not. They don't quite get the plots and they ask a TON of questions, but since we are watching a show that is over their heads a bit, we are patient and try to answer as best we can. 

I'm still hoping that now we've concluded the Pirates series we can move onto something a bit more light hearted. I think the new tradition we've started is especially important since we don't have weekend nights over at Grandma's or Nanna's house. We have to become a bit closer knit family and carve out those slow times that going over to grandma's houses did for us. Movie night was especially nice for me so I could take two hours and put the camping packing out of my head. But I think I'm all set to go! 

The next few days is going to be a blast!

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