Wednesday, June 5, 2013

More OMSI, More Friends

 Maddie colored a picture for me and then wanted me to take her picture while holding it.

 Impromptu geography lesson. I had them place popcorn on the different states.  Here's Izzie.

 I think we have a Momma coon under our porch. She comes out late afternoon. We've seen her twice now.

 Maddie and Izzie at OMSI. They love this electricity grid puzzle.

 We met "the boys" as my girls like to call them at OMSI. William, Some random kid, Christopher and James.

 They had to build a tower to support the ball. Then turn on the table that simulated an earthquake to see if their tower was strong enough.

 Izzie, Christopher, James, Willima and Maddie. More earthquake tables.

 Tummy rubs, anyone?

 We invited the boys to come ride bikes in our cul-de-sac. At first they were confused since we don't have a sidewalk. Then they realized it was okay to ride in the street. They rode around in a tight little circle and looked like the circus act of motorcyclists in a cage.

 The bike riding lasted all of five minutes because climbing in Ms. Emily's car was much more fun.

 I'm pretty sure that this nightgown is a 4t and my girls are in 7/8's now. They have several 4t's that they aren't ready to give up. They have plenty of nighties that fit, but they keep pulling these small ones out. The angle I took this photo, Maddie looks sort of like a giant.

Izzie wearing a nightgown that is the right size and showing off Pink Teddy in the mermaid tail I made for their small lovies.

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