Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lacamas Park, revisited

 Maddie, Izzie and Daddy at Costco.

 I decided to clean out the car the other day and the girls wanted their seats moved from the back row to the middle row. While I had their 5 pts out, I checked the safety info. They were at the weight limit and several inches too tall for them! I'm glad I checked because I thought they had 15 more pounds to go! So, we pulled the booster seats out of Daddy's car and they will be using these. I can't believe they are out of a carseat!

 Why is it when I buy a huge tub of yogurt the girls decided they are "over" yogurt for awhile? I made up all these homemade strawberry yogurt cups and they've only eaten one and half of them each. Looks like I should make some smoothies soon.

 This past Sunday we met Emily and her family at Lacamas Park to go on a hike. When we got there she was up in a tree, holding her coffee. That's talent.

 Emily helping Jamie.

 Maddie and Izzie on a spinning thing. I asked them if they could slow down just for one second for me to take a picture. Izzie said, yeah, so we aren't blurry!

 William, James, Christopher, Maddie and Izzie.

 And we are off! I've GOT to find my backpack!!! Although it was sort of freeing not carrying anything.

 Izzie, Daddy and Maddie.

 The Leigh Family


Emily took this photo of Izzie.

 Christopher, James, William, Izzie and Maddie.



 The kids had fun at the stream for a few minutes and then seemed like they were done. I reminded them of the waterworks table at OMSI. Where they build up a dam, bridges and make pools. That got them so excited. They started working on a dam right away.

 Emily helping to make a bridge.

 Izzie adding a rock to her dam and Christopher checking out the stability of the bridge.

On the way out, the girls found the climbing tree!

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