Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Just daily life stuff

 Maddie working on Handstand work in gymnastics. They are learning so much in this class! The other day Maddie went half way across the monkey bars at the park by herself without even asking me to help. I couldn't believe it!

 A towel for a friend's granddaughter.

 This was too funny! We were at the library  and I asked the girls to smile for me. Maddie lifted up the babydoll she was holding to pose with it. I snapped the photo just as Izzie realized that she forgot where she put her baby. I hope her parenting skills improve over the years...

 They wanted to show me this kitty statue that was in a corner of the library.

 A towel for my friend Emily's birthday.

 Jake always ignored me in my old sewing room back in Texas but at this house everytime I sew here he has to insert his opinion.
 I've been working on the girls summer wardrobe. I upcycled an old blouse of mine that never fit right into this cute tank dress for the girls. It had 3/4 sleeves and a plunging neck. I sewed the neckline up, cut the shirt in half to make a waist and went with a tank instead of sleeves.

 Using poker chips to work on patterns. They set up a pattern for each other and then went around the table to finish up sisters pattern. Maddie came to class today in her nightgown and bunny came to help.

Izzie arrived as a Princess. She was wearing the dress I made. I put it in their room to find when they woke up. I couldn't get her to take off the belle dress so that I could see how her dress fit. She just said, "It fits just FINE mom." I finally got to see it at the end of the day!

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