Thursday, June 6, 2013

Jr. Rose Parade

 Our racooon came back to raid the bird feeder. S/he dumped the entire thing on the ground! I'm leaving it empty for awhile until hopefully s/he finds a new home.

 Playdate at JoAnne's house. She was watching two other kids, one was a five year old girl named Kaylin. The kids had fun making bubble messes in the backyard.

 Even though my mom is all the way in Texas, she's helping me with some plant issues. She's helping me identify this polka-dot problem.

 The tree.

 A (mostly) healthy leaf.

 Yesterday (did you see that... I'm caught up on my blog!!!!) Yes, yesterday JoAnn calls me at 9 and asks if I'd like to go to the Jr. Rose Parade in Portland. She could be there to pick me up in a couple of hours. I said yes and then I tried to get us all dressed and fed with snacks and camping chairs with comfortable shoes. And if you ever hear that Portland doesn't get sun, they are lying. It was a bright sunny day and the three of us left very sun kissed. Sitting on a concrete street didn't help. The breeze was nice though. Ben, Matt, Izzie and Maddie. Ben dumped his goldfish the first 1 minute of us staking out our spot. JoAnne thought to bring things like bubbles and sidewalk chalk. Although we didn't have too long to wait before the start of the parade.


 A VW bus pulling a mini bus.

 It took a bit for the kids to appreciate the bands.

 Izzie leaned over to me and said, "That is NOT the real Lorax, he's just pretending. But that's okay, it's fun to pretend."

 TODAY. (See... caught up... now knock on wood.) Anyway, it was such a beautiful morning that we took the books outside today. Maddie is silently reading while it's Izzie's turn to read out loud. They are reading One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Suess. The same copy I think I read when I was a kid. But older than them, because I don't think I was reading at five.

 For creative writing I ditched the lesson plan which said to take a picture of a rabbit and have the kids draw it and describe it. We went with nature instead. Maddie chose this cool looking leaf.

 Izzie choose a smaller more oval shaped leaf. She's working on sounding out her descriptive words in this photo.

 It's impossible to get good pics at gymnastics with my camera. This is Izzie practicing she's walking on the beam.

Maddie mid tumble.

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