Friday, June 28, 2013

Busier than I thought...

I haven't posted anything in a few days because I didn't think I had anything too exciting to report. But I finally plugged my camera in tonight and lo-and behold it is so full of adventures that I'll have to break it down into a couple of posts. Maybe life is just now so exciting that I don't even realize how much fun we are having! To say I love it here is an understatement. I miss my family and friends back in Texas, but I "fit" here. I feel like I've been here a lot longer than I have, it just feels like home.

 Izzie and Maddie clocking some more deck time. This deck really has been as amazing as it looks. It's a pain to keep clean, but it's worth it, it's such a fun place to play and hang out.

 Daddy and his girls in a giggle fit. (M & I)

 We went to the library and they were having a lego challenge. The challenge was to build something out of one random tray of legos. They got to fill out a piece of paper with their creation and display it on the shelves too. Maddie built some robots and a jet. Izzie build a robot and a few other lego things that she didn't name.

 Izzie, investigating her choices.

 Maddie. (This was before the haircut day, I posted that out of order.)

 First gymnastics class post-hair cut. They wanted pig tails, I tried my best. I love this cute picture!

 Warm up Walks.

 Coach Helen was out today and Coach Dallas filled in. She pushed them hard! Up until the very last moment they were doing gymnastics skills and then ended with sit ups and push ups!
 On June 20th the girls turned 5.5 years old. I've always like celebrating Half Birthdays. We sing Happy UnBirthday to You and just do silly things all day. In our math class we talked about the fraction 1/2 and for lunch I cut their entire lunch in half!

 They really liked that!

 Last Saturday our neighborhood had a garage sale. We are still going through stuff, but since participation was easy we threw out a few random things that we don't need. I found a Christmas toy that I bought for the girls and forgot to give them TWO christmas's ago. But it was still cool. So they played with it while we did the sale. (M & I)

 They really want a tree to climb. They tried climbing this one in our backyard with some success. Maddie came to get me and asked me to take a picture. I think she thought she was up a lot higher than she was.

 On last Sunday, someone posted on one of my Homeschool groups that a local 4H club was doing a horseback riding fundraiser. It was $5 to ride for 15 minutes. It was an overcast drizzly day and our ride slot wasn't until 4pm. The girls asked all day if it was time to go ride. They were excited! It was at this very small farm.



 After riding they got to pet this momma goat and her two kids.  (M &I)

 Izzie trying on my hat


This momma got a double foot massage. She deserved it too!

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Amanda said...

So glad to hear that the northwest is already feeling like "home". From everything I know about that area, and what I know of you, I thought it sounded like an awesome fit. :)

That's the way we feel here. I love the size of our town. After 10 years, this is definitely "home" for us, too.