Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Vancouver Library

 Maddie and Izzie reading more OZ books.

 We finally made it to the Downtown Vancouver Library. It's a great building, I'm so glad it's our main library. There is another small branch close to us, but the downtown one isn't that much further and it is so awesome we'll probably go to it most of the time. The girls go their very FIRST library cards. A big coming of age tradition in this family! Maddie is signing her name to the back.

 Look at Izzie's concentration!

 Maddie and Izzie sitting around the circle.

 At the end of storytime the librarian blew bubbles. COOL.

 And then there was a craft to go along with the story. They played with homemade playdoh.

 Librarian Celeste checking out Maddie's work.

 The entire 3rd (out of 5) floor is dedicated to the kids. At one end there is an entire Literary Playground. It is a hands on exploration area. Here Maddie is turning a wheel of a big structure in the space.

 Pulling on things under the table to see what happens.

 An Alphabet table. Each little cut out was filled with objects from the corresponding letter and then filled with a polyurethane.
 Playing with blocks inside a tube. They had to reach through the holes and work that way. It was a different experience and needed problem solving on how to reach and manipulate the blocks in a new way.

 Izzie building a tower.

 A magnetic gear wall that Maddie is exploring.

 On the fifth floor is a large terrace that runs the length of the building. We went up to see it before we left and the girls said it would be a nice place to read. So they grabbed their books and plopped on down!

Of course they had to explore the entire terrace too! What a fun first trip to the library!

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