Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The horrible cold

 A couple weeks ago, I came down with bronchitis that kicked me on my butt. Since the girls have been born I have got to the doctor exactly one other time due to a cold. That was when they were infants and I was breastfeeding and I wanted to make sure I got better fast and that they wouldn't catch whatever it was I had at that time. This time I was afraid I had pneumonia or something equally dreadful. I was so bad off I asked John to take the day off and drive me to the doctors. Then I spent the entire day in bed. Luckily it wasn't pneumonia and I was able to get better with my normal elderberry/kombucha and fermented cod liver oil with plenty of homemade chicken stock, but even so... a couple weeks later and the cough is still lingering. I tell you it was a bugger of a cold. Above is Maddie and Izzie hanging out at the docs office.

At one point, I got up out of bed and took this picture of the girls playing happily outside.

 I found this the next day. They were making all sorts of culinary mud delights.

 Maddie posing for a picture!

 The girls got new (used) bikes from the twin club consignment sale. I was still feeling pretty terrible and couldn't go, so my friend Emily put these two bikes on hold and John went and picked them up. I really wanted to do some other shopping, but at least we got new bikes. When the girls rode their old bikes their knees went up to their ears.


 Random cute picture of Jake's toes. Kitty toes are cute.

 Bought a new poster for the living room. It's a map of the US with each state spelled out in it's shape. Something different and we all like it.

 Maddie and Izzie

Monster, by Izzie.

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