Monday, May 27, 2013

Proud Momma

So I tucked the girls into bed about half an hour ago, went in the kitchen to do some cleaning and then just settled in front of my computer to start browsing/lesson planning etc, when all of a sudden two very exuberant girls come running in. Maddie had a story she wrote and she wanted to share it with me. So she read me the story she made up and wrote all by herself. At age 5.
 The Big Dog
The big dog sat on a rug. The big dog got the rug muddy. The end. By: Maddie 

This was written on a piece of paper about 3" by 4". I asked her if I could keep it but she said no, she wanted to keep it on her bedside table so she could read it over and over. Then on the way back to her room she stopped in to show daddy and she told him she was so proud of herself she felt like she could "BURST RIGHT OPEN!"
And that makes for a very proud Momma.

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