Friday, May 10, 2013

New Stove, Park and Friends

 I love cooking on gas. This house though does not have gas at all to it. So I had to compromise with an electric range. So John promised me we'd get rid of the relic that was in the house and get a glass top stove. It ended up being a crazy delivery process. It was supposed to get delivered and installed on a Monday. Instead it got delivered Monday night by one group and then installed the next day by a second group.

My brand new oven... in a big box.

 Finally the installation guys arrived, late.

Finally, all installed!! By the time they finally left, all I had time to do was reheat some soup. This oven, even though the inside is way, way bigger than the old oven, it is shorter. So we have to fix the hole at the bottom. I'm thinking about installing a pull out step to make me taller as I cook. The back burners on this thing are pretty far back and I practically have to be on my tip toes to reach it. But other than that, it has been cleaning nicely and I love all the features.
Such as the fact that it has a "bridge" burner so it heats all the way under a griddle for even cooking. I love my Lodge Griddle and use it several times a week!

 Daddy reading a library book to Maddie and Izzie.

 Maddie and Izzie getting ready for bed.

 Checking out a new park, this one is close to downtown Vancouver. It was an awesome park.

 The girls quickly made friends with some of the other kids on the playground. They all took turns pushing each other on this tire swing.

 I loved that this park had elements that were challenging for Izzie and Maddie.

 This is one of those barrels that you try to roll while staying on top. Izzie tried it but she needs a bit more practice!


 Alot of the parks up here also have natural play elements. This is Maddie leaping from trunk to trunk.

 Maddie and Izzie


Later that day, Emily came over with James, Christopher and William. They loved the girls backyard and making mud pies. It was fun watching them try to figure out the best dirt to water ratio to get the "best" mud!

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