Sunday, May 5, 2013

Multnomah Falls

When I found out I was moving to the Portland area, naturally I started reading about it on the internet. I created a sort of a bucket list. Multnomah Falls was high on that list. I love waterfalls. Similar to it's opposite of fire, I can stare both at fire and a powerful watefall for hours and just be. The day we decided to head to Multnomah was a bit damp (sprinkling) and cool, but we went anyway. I'm glad we did because the low hanging clouds created a very serene atmosphere. I want to go back on a sunny day and it'd be a completely different experience! On the website where I was reading about Multnomah Falls, there was three routes to take. Direct, Scenic and Ultra Scenic. We wanted to go the Ultra Scenic way. We got about half way though and it was blocked for construction. We had to back track a bit and end up on more of the direct route, but it was still a great drive. 

 We stopped about half way at this stop on the road to take photos.

 Momma, Maddie and Izzie

 As we were driving we passed waterfalls along the highway.

 We packed a lunch to eat when we got there but it was so chilly that we were bouncing in our seats trying to stay warm enough to eat. Once we got walking, I was fine but John and the girls said it was still a bit too cold for them to really enjoy the day.

 The tourist center and restaurant to Multnomah Falls.

 Izzie and Maddie in front of a mossy rocky wall.

 Part of Multnomah Falls. Our goal was to go up on the bridge. It was a pretty easy walk/hike.

 Izzie took this photo of John and I.

 Maddie took this one. Yeah, I don't know why I had one finger out. My hand was cold but not sure why I stuck one finger out.

 Izzie kept taking off up ahead. She was not enjoying the stroll, she wanted to get to the destination!

 "IZZIE! Wait for us!"

 Peeking at the waterfall around one of the bends in the trail.

 The girls and John kept going way ahead of me because I stopped to take photos of every single pretty rock I saw.

 Or fallen tree stump.

 Or "smaller" babbling waterfall along the way.

 On the bridge facing away from the waterfall towards the visitor center.

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