Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mother's Day

 Hey it's still May so this post isn't tooooo late!  John bought me some lovely tulips that were such a bright sunny yellow. I loved looking at them with the purple wisteria in the background.

 Maddie and Izzie on Mother's day.

 We went to OMSI with John for the morning.

 John loved it! He was like a big kid. I loved watching him have so much fun with the exhibits and showing the girls lots of cool new things. The girls liked showing Daddy their favorite places in the museum.

 When the wisteria started to die, it looked like purple snow.

 Maddie and Izzie posing with Teddy and Bunny.

 A few mornings after Mother's Day, my neighbor rang the doorbell. She had a bouquet of roses from her garden to give to me for Mother's Day. So sweet!

While John's grandma and his mom and dad were out of town visiting family in Wisconsin, Grandma's (the girls call her Nanny) house got broken into. The police had a hard time reaching anyone so I was the first person they were able to get ahold of. Let me tell you, getting a call with a Dallas number on it saying, "this is the police" gives you a mini-heart attack. We were able to track down my brother-in-law who works close to Grandma's house and he met the police over there to go over details and get someone to board up her back door. The girls heard me talking about all this so, I had to explain what happened. Maddie drew this picture of the bad guys in jail to send to Nanny.

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