Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lacamas Park Hike

 My pond in the back is turning black. (Those aren't fish, they are leaves so at least no wild life is suffering too much.) I got a quote to get the thing cleaned out and running but let's just say that quote inspired me to go find some waders and start a bucket brigade with the hubs and kids.

 A couple of weeks ago, I thought this tree was dead. Then I spent a few days inside sick and came out to this. Not dead! yay!

 Wisteria started to bloom the first of May!

 Maddie and Izzie talking to Mema and Pepaw on Skype. Mema is telling them a bedtime story.

When we were all feeling healthy we met up with a bunch of friends to go on a hike around part of Lacamas Lake.  This is a little creek we passed.

Starting out.

Emily captured this shot of all the kids sitting still! Makena, Isaac and Kayla (Triplets). Karsen and Cameron (twins) Maddie and Izzie, Emma, Olivia and Hailey (triplets; Hailey is at the end of the line) Christopher, James and William (Triplets) So there was 13 kids to 5 Moms. Not a bad ratio at all!

 The most frustrating part about the hike was Maddie stopping every 5 ft to adjust her shoes/socks. On the way back Maddie's feet were fine and Izzie kept stopping to adjust hers!

 Izzie and Maddie

 Angela taking a pic of her kids.

 Maddie climbing a big rocky cliff (it wasn't that big!) to reach Izzie.

 The kids exploring a creek. I want to go back so that my kids can play longer. By the time we found the creek it was getting close to lunch and we had a bit of hungry tummies on our hand!

 Christopher found a serene spot!

 Lacamas Lake.

 Maddie and Izzie found this log to rest on. They were "SO" tired!

 The kids investigating a cool caterpillar.

Overall, one of my favorite playdates so far! Well... actually it's hard to choose, but I loved just spending the morning in nature with a bunch of kids who see wonder all around!

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