Sunday, May 5, 2013

Inspiration Plantation

 A few weekends ago, I took the girls to a farm tour at Inspiration Plantation. I hope to join in on their Meat Shares where you buy half a pig, half or quarter of a cow and/or monthly chickens. But for this trip it was fun to hang out on a farm for the morning, buy some fresh eggs and frozen chicken feet (for stock!) and teach the girls where our food comes from. Or should come from.

 Following the GPS, it said to turn right on this itty bitty road. It was SO pretty I had to stop the car and take a photo (no one was behind me.)

 Another photo taken out my car window on the way to the farm.

 Arriving at Inspiration Plantation. Izzie and Maddie dress themselves most days and they got lots of compliments on their colorful and bright choices this day from the other tourers.

 Waiting for the tour to start. That white dog in the background was such a sweetie. She was HUGE though! She stopped the tour several times begging for a belly rub. So sweet.

 Where the baby chickens spend their first few days.

 When they are ready to start laying eggs they join the flock of layers. The hen house is on wheels and the fence is easily moved. That way the chickens get moved all around the farm so the land doesn't get over used.

 One of the roosters. I swear this guy actually posed for me. He stood up nice and tall and got very still until I took the picture. Then he cock-a-doodle-do'ed and marched off.

 I loved the pattern on this lovely hen. She was even more pretty in person.

 Some of the cows grazing.

 I love how the girls took off and didn't feel they had to stay right next to me. Overall they found the tour boring, but I think they had more fun than they wanted to admit. It was fun stomping around in their galoshes and the weather was spectacular.

 Oink Oink.

 Izzie was most excited to see the pigs. She thought they'd all be pink, so she was surprised to see some where brown.

 Maddie listening to the farmers.

 I think the horses belonged to the neighbors, but they were still pretty enough for a photo!

 This is the broilers (I think?? Now I can't remember what he called them.) But they are the eating chickens, not the layers. These guys need a couple more weeks before they are big enough to eat. They are also in portable pins that get moved often.

 Toward the end of the tour the girls decided to make their own fun by stomping dandelions.

 More farm scenery. Waking up to this everyday would almost make me want to be a farmer!

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