Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wrapping up Texas

 Jackie and Tom threw Maddie, Izzie and me a goodbye party for the family. Nanny, Julie, Chris, Sammy, Sabrina, Dana, Cody, Lucy and Holly all came to spend one last crazy family afternoon together.

 We got a photo of all the grandkids. Maddie, Izzie, Holly, Lucy, Sabrina and Sammy.

 The kids are seriously taking over....

 Last day to spend in our house before the packers came. We spent a week at my Mom and Chris's house. I'm so glad I got to spend that time with my mom before I left, although I was so busy that week I barely got to see her at all!

 The girls helped me decorate our luggage. They said that we were tying a "party" on it.

 Before we headed over to moms house, Riley came over for one last playdate. She wanted the girls to help her make friendship bracelets. Izzie, Riley and Maddie.

 At 7 am, the semi rolled in down the street. It was HUGE! Our packers/movers were Hector, Fernando and Danny. I mostly sat and watched and answered a few questions as they came up. I found it was better for everyone if I just stayed out of the way. They were SUPER fast. I was amazed at how both efficient and fast they were. Although it was crazy to watch them take one item and wrap it in 3 layers of paper! And the things we are unwrapping now that we are on this end of the move keep making me chuckle. Like an empty bottle of vicks vapor rub all wrapped up in its own little paper bundle. But they pack everything, they don't leave anything behind.

 They came in and leaned boxes against the walls and put down carpet runners first thing.

 The school room was packed up in a flash! (See that little old tv? I didn't even know we still had that! It has a VHS player attached to the bottom.)

 Soon, the house became a maze.

 My bedroom started to empty out...

 Finally they were done for the day and I headed back to Mom's house. She watched the girls for two days while I was with the movers. Luckily we had gorgeous weather for the move.

 Back for day two. Even though I didn't do much except watch, I was so tired. I think just the excitement and stress left me exhausted.

 It was strange seeing the house empty out.

 They spent the entire first day packing and there was little to pack for day two. It took almost all day just to load the semi.

 And then off my stuff went to sit in a storage unit in Houston for a week! Eventually to join us after we'd been in Vancouver for about a week. That was just how the timing went for when we closed on the Texas house vs. the Vancouver one.

 Maddie and Izzie spending some time with Popo. He was teaching them how to play the Wii. It was so cute because they each took one part of the controller and played together.

 Then I spent the next two days cleaning the house. I underestimated how long it would take! Having vacuum malfunctions didn't help. Luckily my friend Erin lent me her vacuum to get things finished. My vacuum was of course on the truck and I was using mostly mom's cleaning supplies.

I had to bring the girls by to see the empty house. They walked around and said that it didn't feel like home anymore.

 We ended up leaving our desk set in the house. They weren't going to fit in our new house and we were afraid if we took them apart to sell them, they wouldn't go back together easily. Plus, they fit that room just perfectly.

 We went to one last storytime and gave big hugs to all the librarians.

 One last photo in front of the house that Maddie and Izzie were born in.

 Our last night in Dallas we stayed with Grandma and Grandpa so they could take us to the airport the next day.Here Grandma is teaching Izzie and Maddie about paper dolls.

 Grandpa played a computer game with the girls and he was super impressed at how helpful they were at solving the puzzles.

 Maddie, Izzie and Sabrina.

Grandma, Izzie and Maddie.

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