Friday, April 5, 2013

The movers arrive with our stuff!

 Our first night in the house. Jake had to check everything out. This is where the dining room table will go, you can see into the kitchen. Down that hallway is the laundry room and the master bedroom. Behind the wooden french doors will be our school room.

 We went to a local grocery store called Chuck's. They gave the girls pictures of eggs and said to bring them back before Easter and they'd hang them on the wall. They took this very seriously, took their time coloring them in and held on to them throughout all the chaos until we made it back to the store.

 Our first night in the house we all camped out in the den together. We figured not only would it be fun, but make the empty house less scary for the girls. Jake had fun walking through those blinds all night though, which made for a LONG night.

 I was worried the semi wouldn't fit down the cul-de-sac but Hector was able to back it up all the way down the street!

 Daddy and Izzie

 And the furniture and boxes begin arriving... This of course is the master bedroom. That small room off of the Master I'm going to use as my small sewing room.

 The girls had fun watching the movers fill up the house and garage. You can see part of our front deck through the arch of the Wisteria tree. (Izzie and Maddie.)

 Picnic on the back deck to stay out of the way. It was a great day for moving. No rain and great temps! (Izzie and Maddie.)

 The kitchen started filling up with boxes.

 Maddie and Izzie playing iPad in their room. I think this is after the movers left. They spent about a week on these blow up mattresses before their new beds were delivered. But they loved them.

 I saw this cool plant growing in the backyard and posted it to facebook. Good thing I did! Found out it is poisonous to the touch. It's out of the way in the side yard so I'm going to leave it. I told the girls not to mess with it. I think it's pretty so I don't want to pull it up.

 While we were waiting for my van to get delivered, we all rode in John's car. Izzie


 Awesome sunset! (John was driving.)

 The unpacking starts. This is the den and you can see the front door. Down the hall to the left are the second bedrooms/office/girls room. The left is the living room/dining room.

 For this small kitchen I opted to go for open pantry storage. I LOVE it!! I even put all my plates/bowls and silver ware on it, which makes emptying the dishwasher a breeze. This is it starting to fill up.

 The movers started unpacking for us before I sent them on their way. While I appreciated the fact that they'd remove the boxes and trash, they were stressing me out with the mess they made. They didn't put stuff away (which would almost be worse) they just piled it on every surface and floor. So the entire dining room was a mountain of stuff for awhile. The girls ate meals in the school room until I could get it cleared off.

 Living room, the coffee table piled high with stuff.

 See the mountain? The kitchen counters looked like that too. We had to eat out for a couple of nights until I could carve out room enough to prep a meal!

 John's office (with futon for any future guests.... hint hint!)

The den... oh the STUFF!
 The guest room/craft storage room is overstuffed. I tried combining a guest room with my full art room, both of those rooms in Texas were both physically bigger than this one bedroom. What was I thinking?? I'll get it sorted out eventually. It will work, but instead of it being a craft room that I'll be able to work in, it'll just be for storing my stuff. And I'll use that nook in my master bedroom as my work space for sewing. Don't worry future guests, it'll be much more comfy by the time I'm done with it, I promise!

 Another picture of the girls room before the beds came.

 During all the chaos, it was nice to slow down and work on an art project the girls got for their birthday.
Izzie is working very hard at it!

 Maddie took her time too. This was a perfect project.

My open storage, more complete. Since this picture, I've lowered all the plates down to the second shelf so the girls can reach them to empty the dishwasher. I liked the bigger plates up higher on a separate shelf, but aesthetics take a back seat to practicality. Having the toaster oven over here cleared up counter space too. Seriously, I love this! I like it better than my walk in pantry in Texas. (I took the door of my walk in pantry a while back, if you remember, because it annoyed me so much. I figured here that if I could live without a door, that I'd be fine with open storage and I was right!)

So these of course are all before pics. I'll have "midway" pictures of rooms as they get completed unpacking. Some rooms won't be "finished" in my mind until I get paint on the walls but that will be a slower process.

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