Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Taking Daddy to Lunch

 My den is progressing along. I was thinking where that Sunflower picture is propped, a big floor mirror would be cool. But not sure. If I could find a big one that had some carving (something like this: but bigger... I think it would look cool in that spot. I also want to put a lamp behind that chair.

 Izzie dressed herself as a pink ruffle princess.

 We picked Daddy up at work to take him to lunch. Maddie, Izzie and Daddy. We went to this little bistro called Twilight that was so good! They have TDF Fries. I didn't ask what the TDF stood for and I didn't know the waitress was standing behind me. I said after tasting them, "Oh my goodness these are the best fries I've ever had!" She said, "They don't call them To Die For Fries for nothing!"

 This wall is painted with dry erase marker paint. That was so cool to the girls! We didn't stay too long since Daddy had to get back to work, but it was a fun quick tour of the office!

 This is the plant that Maddie discovered in our backyard one day. They were out there playing and my rule is not to pick anything that is alive except for the English Ivy (it is all over the place.) Well, she ignored the rule, tried to pick this and got stung. She came running in screaming. I put her hand under cold water and started washing, first looking for stingers/thorns, etc. I was trying to get her to calm down enough to tell me what happened. At this point I wasn't sure if it was a bee sting, poisonous plant, etc. She finally was able to tell me it was a plant. I put an ice pack on her hand and dragged her outside so she could show me which one. I took a photo of it, sent it to my mom and went back inside. While Mom was googling, I put itch salve, aloe and neosporin with pain relief. She didn't like anything but ice water. Mom ID'd the pant and we realized it wasn't anything super dangerous. (Stinging Nettle) Her hand hurt for a couple of hours but eventually got better. The pain is described to that similar of a bee sting or jelly fish sting. OUCH!

 Picture of some of the English Ivy in my house. It's crazy how lush and hardy it is here!

 Maddie and Izzie starting a puzzle.

 Daddy helping Izzie work on it some.

 My first MNO (Mom's Night Out.) I met Emily, Sherri, Natalie and Angela at this German restaurant called Gustav's. It was so good and so much fun!

 One morning Belle, I mean, Maddie, and Izzie woke up and saw this seed pod on the deck. They ran outside to investigate. They had fun trying to figure out how to open it and counting the seeds.

That day for math we were talking about patterns. They were later playing outside and Izzie came to get me. Mom! We made a pattern (they pronounce it pat-er-en) outside! Dirt, Leaf, Dirt, Leaf, Dirt, Leaf, Dirt!!!!

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