Thursday, April 11, 2013

Settling in

 This was taken as my living room was finally starting to come to order. It was the first room of the house that was unpacked and I've been like a crazy person to keep it clutter free. Having one "normal" space in the house is so refreshing.

 It's not officially a move without a choo-choo train of boxes. Or sailboat, restaurant, or the other 10 things these boxes were this morning! (Maddie in back, Izzie in the foreground.)

 Another "done" space. This cabinet was in the bathroom  at our old house, but the entry table I had was too big, so this fit the bill perfectly. The strategic plant keeps the top surface clean, minus a dish for keys.

 A spontaneous trip to Olive Garden. We tried looking up a local Italian place but the reviews online to the few places that came up were iffy. I'll have to ask around and see if anyone has better suggestions. We decided to play it safe with an old favorite, even if it was a chain. John with Maddie.

Izzie at the Olive Garden. She's wearing Daddy's hat.

 The girls new beds came in and I bought them new bedspreads. They picked out this flowery-ruffly set. I had the sheets in the wash and I was trying to get out some of the wrinkles in the spread. Izzie crawled in and hung out reading for a bit on the couch.

 Big girl beds all made up. Now we need to get headboards. They were going to have loft beds, but I think it'd make the room look too small.

 Speaking of beds, looks like Jake stole mine.

 Every day when John comes home from work the girls attack! I've even heard them discussing that they were going to "jump up on Daddy's lap as soon as he walks in the door!"

Izzie and Maddie pretend eating mud pies.

Maddie going to get water for her mud pies.

 Maddie and Izzie ditched the mud pies to have a real picnic.

 Oh yes, my dear sweet Izzie picked out this outfit because it was so bright, colorful and flowery! Maddie picked out a very similar ensemble and then we all went to the movies together. At least anyone looking at them would know they picked out their own outfits and who am I to stifle their creative spirit  My mom let me wear crazy clothes and I became an artist!

Reading a bedtime story to my girls. (Maddie, Izzie.)

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MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

So glad to see you settling in!

I've been thinking about you extra-hard these past few days, as we are getting ready to show our house for the first time. Of course we'll just be moving across town...but it reminds me what a tough job this is / is going to be over the next few months.

I've seen a few posts on FB that you've had some play dates. It's wonderful you're meeting people and settling in that way, too.

And hope you find some good real-food restaurants soon! ;)