Tuesday, April 30, 2013


 The girls got this set of blocks for Christmas. They care called "Contraptions." And really all they are, are very regularly cut rectangles with smooth edges in exactly the same size. An entire box of the same size piece. They came with a booklet of building ideas to get you started building, but not entire plans. The girls and I built a ping pong ball tunnel and a few other things. They really had fun with this, and their imaginations surpassed my own. Although they did get frustrated because their ideas were better than their fine motor control of balancing these blocks. That's the other thing, this kit relies entirely upon balance, no velcro, glue, notches, ect.

Above, Izzie made a simple ramp and then stacked blocks in front to knock down domino style. She kept resetting the blocks up and experimenting to see how many she could get her ball to knock down. She got to 11.

 Maddie working on a different kind of ramp.

 Izzie with up to 5 blocks knocked down.

 Maddie making a long ramp.

 Maddie looking through a Wizard of Oz book.

 Izzie looking through her Oz book.

 I'm loving my "pantry." When I first saw this house and this corner of the kitchen with no cabinetry, I figured I'd have to go to Home Depot or perhaps IKEA and buy some cabinets since there is no pantry and this is a small kitchen. I had one of these wracks in my art room back at my old house and it dawned on me it'd make for great kitchen storage. I soon bought another one and I have been loving this. I even put my toaster oven on it, so as to free up counter space. It's plugged in so it just stays on the shelf.

 One of my new friends, JoAnn invited me to go check out a store in Portland called Scraps. It's a really cool idea. They take donations of junk you plan on getting rid of from your art supplies and they organize it and sell it at really cheap prices. It was a really cool space! I ended up buying a bunch of paper for the girls, but otherwise you sort of need a plan of attack, otherwise the stuff was just a bit overwhelming. As we were leaving we saw a shop across the street called Vintage by the Pound. We walked in and were sifting through the stuff when we found some dress up clothes for the girls. Emily and Angela (JoAnn had to leave before we made it to the vintage store) started piling more and more dress up clothes in my arms. I ended up with 5 pounds of dress up clothes for $15. It was quite a lot! These are two "witch" costumes that made it. Izzie even went to grab her broom for her witch costume.

 Maddie making some mud stew.

 I've been doing most of my shopping at Chucks since you can buy Raw Milk there. I really like Chucks but the owners are some religion that doesn't eat pork so the entire grocery store is pork free. No BACON. I heard that New Seasons also sells Raw Milk so I decided to go there and see what they were about. They were about HIGH PRICES. My grocery bill was almost double what I normally spend. It was too bad too because the girls each got a grocery cart to push around which they loved. Luckily the store wasn't very crowded, this would have been hard to manage with a full store!

 Izzie and Maddie checking out the new gym. They are on the balance beam. This was a trail class. I didn't enroll them last week because of Take Your Kid to Work Day, and I'm not sure if we'll make this week or not. We are getting over pretty bad colds. But I'm ready to get back into our routine!

Two Friday's ago, we went to a new park near Angela's house with Angela's kids and Emily's kids. It was a beautiful day. Izzie is up there running on the hilltop with a bunch of the other kids.

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