Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hanging out at home and with friends

 Spent some girly time playing Barbies with the girls. They have two Disney Prince "barbie" dolls. They lined up all the Princesses and then had each one say whether or not the Prince was suitable to marry. I was mostly watching their role play, they got so into it that they tuned me out. (Maddie/Izzie.)

 There's a joke on the Internet called "first world problems" where it shows a picture of a woman or man upset about something that is only an issue in a first world situation. I took this photo of "First World Kitteh Problems" Jake had a spot the size of a quarter showing at the bottom of his food bowl and he was so stressed out. And it's not like he should be worried that I'm out of food to give him with that big jar behind his bowl! I've seen him paw his food out of the way to make that hole so he can complain.

 I bought these black  t-shirts months ago to sew a design on for the girls, but I haven't gotten my sewing room up and running yet. I wanted them to be able to use them before they out grew them, so I turned it into an impromptu art project. Izzie.

 Maddie. I explained to both girls that there was only ONE t-shirt per girl and if they messed up, they couldn't erase or get a new one. I told them a lot of artist sketch out their designs on paper first to get an idea of what they wanted to draw. Maddie really embraced the idea and sketched out a bat. But then when she wanted to paint on the t-shirt she decided black bat wouldn't show up so she switched her idea to butterfly!

 Izzie dove right in with drawing a Princess.

 Daddy building a lego set for the girls that they got for Christmas.

 First playdate at Emily's house with her triplet boys: William, Jamie and Christopher.

 They have an awesome sandbox. It was sprinkling but that's how we roll now.

 I put up this white board in the school room and the girls love it....

 I caught the girls spying on our neighbor. It was so funny. I had to remind them that she could hear them!

 Putting them to work!

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