Saturday, April 20, 2013

First trip to OMSI

 My friend Angela belongs to this co-op that is called Indoor Play Park. She invited us to come check it out with her. It's a really cool idea. They co-op rents space from a church that lets them use their gym during the week. So as far as I could figure out, they get all the toys out on Monday mornings from a storage closet and then put them up on Thursday afternoons. The moms take turns setting out the toys each week and cleaning them. It would be a great thing if the kids were still a bit younger, but they've outgrown most of the toys that are available. Still, it was a fun morning and a chance to get to know Angela and her triplets better.

 When I got there, I snapped these two pics of Izzie and Maddie playing Rapunzel and then got visiting with Angela and forgot to take any other photos!

 I love this photo I took of Ripley. He is settling in really well. He loves the vents in the floor and thinks they are a great invention.

 I snapped this photo of Maddie and Izzie and I love it! Izzie is conferring with Maddie about something, before turning to me to ask me a question.

 My friend Emily invited us to use her guest passes to check out OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.) We gladly took her up on it and met her along with Amy and her triplets and Julie and her triplets at the museum. It was funny to be outnumbered by triplets! We loved OMSI so much that we very quickly got a year long membership. I have a feeling we will be here often. Maddie and Izzie are playing in this dirt table. It has water flowing through and they can mold the rocks/dirt to make streams, dams and ponds. They loved it and didn't want to leave.

 This is in a room called the Science Playground. Here Izzie is playing with two of Amy's triplets. I think this is Hailey and Olivia.

 This table that Maddie and Izzie are playing at is really cool. For younger kids they can just play with the water, but for older kids they can lay out a maze to get the ball all the way from one end of the table to the next. Maddie was working on a pretty great maze.

 Maddie checking out an air tube.

Izzie and Maddie playing blocks with Emily's boys. Christopher, James and William.

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