Wednesday, April 3, 2013

First Time for Girls to see New House

Closing is a bit different here than in Texas. You sign papers one day and then the next day you get your keys. I didn't realize that and John had taken off the afternoon to go appliance shopping. So Heather, our awesome Realtor said we could get in to measure the spaces for the fridge and washer/dryer. She gave us the code on the phone but we couldn't get it to work. We ended up waiting on the front porch for over an hour while she worked things on her end to get us a key a day early! (We still couldn't legally sleep in the house until the next night though.) Anyway, when we got to the house, we saw these Tinkerbell balloons tied to the doorknob with a note from a friend I'd made on the internet. JoAnn and her boys picked out these balloons to welcome Maddie and Izzie. I was so touched. I hadn't met JoAnn in person yet, and she was so sweet to do this for us! It really, really made everything feel like it was going to be okay. That leaving all our friends and family miles and miles away wasn't going to be as scary as we first thought. 

 Izzie liked the front porch. It was a bit chilly this day and sort of drizzling.

 Our front "yard." It's really a very small flower and rock garden, only a few feet deep. Since we are on the end of a cul-de-sac we have a pie shaped lot.

 We had interesting mailbox issues. This mailbox, which is a very nice expensive mail box needs a key to open it. No one could locate the key for a few days. The mail lady said she wouldn't deliver the mail until we filled out the form that was in the box. But then I guess she decided to start delivering it anyway, and when the key was located from the sellers, they mailed it to us. Yep. It got put IN the box. Luckily our Realtor, came to the rescue again. She apparently has very slim wrists and was able to reach in and get the package with the key (which also, begs the question that if she can, can't other people?) But we've never had a locking mailbox before, and I guess it is a deterrent to mail theft? Anyway, the issue finally was handled, one of the many small growing pains of learning a new home.

 Maddie checking out the front pond.

 The girls standing in their room!

 The next day, I went to Home Depot and picked out a few colors to paint the front living room. It took several tries of sample paint but I finally found a color I liked.

 Yes, during all of this moving and such, we still kept up our lessons. I love how Izzie sounded out Teddy!

 Now they are checking out the back patio.

 The girls were so patient with me painting and such that I took them to the playground at the apartment one afternoon. We closed on a Monday (got the keys officially on a Tuesday) and stayed at the apartment until Thursday. Thursday evening was our first night to spend the night in the house.


Izzie and Maddie

 At the house while I was painting. The girls didn't have any toys, but they had fun playing with the leaves from the backyard!

  Exploring part of our side yard.

 Maddie trying on Daddy's shoes.

 At the apartment we had a very limited amount of toys, what we could put in our suitcase. Luckily we were so busy there wasn't much downtime at the apartment. Even so, I built them this "castle" out of the box for John's futon. They loved decorating it and having a hiding place in a very small apartment!

 Izzie trying on Daddy's shoes.

 Teddy and Bunny in the castle.

 More painting, Maddie actually covered quite a bit of wall!

Maddie decorating the fort.

 Team work! Izzie and Maddie.

 Our new fridge got delivered! I'm so glad I went with the stainless steel. I plan on getting a new stainless steel oven soon. This one is okay, but it is pretty old. The oven is very, very tiny. But the burners are powerful, it brings water to a boil quickly! We had to go with this style of fridge because the space is too narrow for most fridges on the market today, so we had very little to choose from.

 Snack time!

 I'm glad I remembered to stop and take some pictures of the girls helping me paint. I got the entire living room done with their help while John was at work.

 Checking out something in the backyard.

All done! It's a blueish grey color. In most light it is a light pale blue but in some light is grey. I really love it! It made the room look so much brighter. The original color was a green that was actually close to what I had in Dallas, except it was a bit "muddier" it didn't have a fresh feeling to it. I'm itching to start painting the rest of the house, but I've got to unpack first!

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