Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Finally getting to join John!

 Maddie (and Bunny), Izzie (and Teddy) looking out the window at the airport and seeing our plane.

 Maddie, Grandma and Izzie. Grandma got a special pass so she could sit past security and wait with us. This was after her awesome mission to find Jake a proper sized crate.

 Maddie and Izzie. They were very nervous, but also excited. Once Grandma got back with Jake, they settled down a bit. I'm sure they picked up on my anxiety. I really think that crate would have been fine, but we got the wrong ticket lady, and what are you gonna do?

Izzie eating dinner on the plane. She started out in the aisle seat because she wanted to see what was going on around the plane.

 Maddie wanted the window seat.

After they ate, Izzie got up to look out the window too.

Then they got out some of their activities. This plastic needle, yarn and plastic sheet were great for the plane.

Then after a potty break, because they HAD to see the tiny bathroom! Izzie got the window seat and Maddie sat next to her.

I rented a movie for the first time on the iPad, but they only got through half of it (It was only an hour long movie) there was just too much for them to do! They kept bouncing between their coloring books, silly putty, iPad games, reading books and sewing. I don't think I even broke out the stickers!

When we got to the airport, John was waiting just past security. As soon as they saw Daddy they TOOK off running (after asking me of course.) I tried snapping a picture, but it didn't come out the best. Still, it was such a sweet moment, I had to keep it anyway.
Maddie and Izzie eating breakfast at "Daddy's" apartment. My poor hubby had to live in a tiny apartment for four months with only a desk and a futon. He did at least have a washer and dryer! Oh yeah, and one pot, one pan and a few other kitchen tools. Very, very sparse. (He spent the first two months in corporate housing that was furnished.)

One thing they missed the most was playing video games with John. The girls asked right away if they could watch Daddy play a game!

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