Saturday, April 27, 2013

Backyard Pics and More OMSI

 It's been fun as spring is rolling around to take photos of the backyard and find all the new plants that are blooming.

 We rigged this fence out of scrap pieces left on the side of the house. We made it so Ripley can only stay on this side of it to use the doggy facilities. That way poop isn't over the entire yard and he doesn't risk walking into the pond. Since his is mostly blind and deaf that is an issue. So this isn't too glamorous yet, but it gets the job done for now.
 One of the many blooms. Here it starts out white but now, a couple weeks later it is turning pink! (These were taken April 9th and today is the 27th.

 I think this used to be an old bird feeder from the previous owners. Or maybe a planter... but it's still interesting even as it is falling apart.

 I've seen holly bushes before, but not holly trees!

 This tree stump had a bench sort of placed on top. Today it fell off, I didn't try to put it back on though.

 A trip to OMSI, it is raining but no one really uses umbrella's here. Ball caps keep the rain out of our eyes and we keep on truckin!

 The girls (Maddie/Izzie) really love this nature table. It is set up for them to create rivers, dams, ponds ect.

 This table was fascinating to me. Well, the girls interest in it was actually what was fascinating! It was an electricity table. Those clear plastic pieces each had a picture engraved on it for different types of electricity. There was hydro, thermal, wave, wind, solar, etc. They had to place them across this map of Oregon and see if they could light up the entire state. Maddie manned the switch and they worked together to figure out the right forms of electricity. For instance over on the left where there is ocean they tried the wave electricy and it worked. They tried thermal over the land and in some spots it worked, but in some they realized they needed wind power. When Izzie saw a river she knew it needed the hydro electricity. The amount of logic they used really impressed me. They almost had the entire grid filled except for three spots when about 4 other kids came along and started messing with the table. I quickly stopped the kids and told them what the puzzle was. Maddie directed the other kids (two of which were clearly several years older than her) on which pieces to put where. When the entire table lit up, all the kids let out a collective cheer. It was awesome!

 Izzie checking out some geodes.

 Maddie and Izzie looking at this model of the human body. When they hit buttons on the panel, different organs lit up. They had me read each and every one!

 Izzie touching a piece of OUTER SPACE (a meteorite)! This was cool because we've been watching Star Trek.
 Emily and her boys joined us at the museum and we soon headed to the Science Playground. The girls didn't find this sand pit the first time we came to OMSI. The boys went in it and it wasn't too many more minutes before the girls found it this time!

 Maddie and Izzie playing in the sand.

 Maddie watching Izzie and Jamie playing Connect Four with Robots. They controlled the two yellow robot arms and had them put balls in the grid.

 Jamie figuring out the air rocket with Maddie and Izzie.

William walking over to see what it is about too.

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