Tuesday, March 19, 2013

We Made it to Washington!!!

We made it! Our family is now all located in one state. Mom, Dad, Kids and Pets all under one roof. We've been here for only nine days but we are starting to settle in. Starting is the key word. I look around at the stacks of boxes around the house and sometimes feel like we'll never be unpacked! Considering the movers delivered everything four days ago, we are actually in good shape. My kitchen, the heart of the house is complete (minus a few missing items that are SOMEWHERE in all of this... stuff!) The past two nights I was able to cook dinner and we were able to eat at the dining room table. Despite the dining room table still has a mountain of stuff in the middle that we sort of shoved out of the way. That is a major accomplishment.

I started to get us back into a routine yesterday with our school lessons. And today we went to our first Washington playdate! We met JoAnn and her three boys. She also watches some other kids during the day so there were 4 boys and 3 girls at the house not including Maddie and Izzie! But her house is a perfect kid haven with art supplies, puzzles and various other easy accessible toys. She even made the closet under the stairs the official "Rash Family Hideout/Fort" which I thought was pretty awesome! My girls fit right in and were having fun with the other kids. Tomorrow we are meeting Emily and her three triplet boys at a jump place. Yep, getting right back into the swing of things!!

But to back it up a bit... the girls were excited to go on an airplane. They traveled by air when they were six months old, obviously not remembering that at all! So the day of the flight they were a bit nervous and scared. We stayed the night before and Grandma and Grandpa's house and since since our flight wasn't until the evening the girls got to play with their cousins ONE last time before flying off. Jackie took the girls, me and Jake, our cat, to the the airport. Where we found out the hard way that Jake's carrier was too big. Despite the big label on it that said, "fits under airline seats!" Don't trust labels! Honestly, I think it would have been fine if the ticket lady hadn't been too uptight. But she was so we had to deal. My mother-in-law took off towards the nearest pet store. She called my brother-in-law, Chris, on the way and had him call the pet store and have a crate waiting at the check out counter. She made it back to the airport and was able to get Jake to us. Whew! What an ordeal. She literally saved the day!

We spent a couple of nights at what I call "John's apartment/bachelor pad" aka... the tiny little apartment he has lived in for 4 of the past 6 months. (The first two months he was here in corporate furnished housing that was much nicer.) He still had the box from his futon that he bought so I made it into a fort for the girls in the corner of his unfurnished living room. All we had with us was what we brought on the plane so any extra diversion was great.

After finally getting the keys (a process that is a bit different here than in Texas.) We were able to go measure for a new fridge, washer and dryer. Our fridge space is a "small" space so that limited what we could get fridge wise. But I'm happy with the one we picked out. Apparently the water line was installed incorrectly so we still don't have an ice maker that works. We're working on that. The following day, I went to Home Depot and bought a couple of samples of paint to start on the living room. SIX samples later I found the shade of grey that I was looking for. It's called Pewter Mug. It's a silvery blue color and it looks terrific! I really, really want to get my hands on the mauve color in my bedroom/bathroom/desk area but I started with the living room since the furniture hadn't been delivered yet and the entertainment center is a bugger to move. I also bought a pretty buttery yellow color to paint the laundry room. It was painted mauve and a depressing grey color. They grey in the living room reflects light and is light and airy. The grey in some parts of this house that they chose is sad and gloomy. Grey is a very hard color to pick!

Friday was literally ALL about the movers bringing stuff in. They got here at 7 am on the dot and didn't leave until after 5. I was becoming a nervous wreck. There was just so much stuff! Loosing 430 sq ft was very apparent! All the rooms are a bit smaller, plus this house has hallways and a larger bathroom and laundry room. But eventually I got the furniture to mostly work. There are a few pieces that are homeless and we'll have to sell/get rid of some old bookcases. The garage is sadly stuffed to the brim, but we plan on tackling that and not letting it become the dump it was at our old house!

The weekend was spent unpacking my kitchen. John helped get some of the toys unpacked for the girls and got the computers and tv's up and running. So far, I love the house. It is an older home than what we are used to and has some quirks, but for the most part I love the layout. It's very cozy. I totally love the yard. I've spent the past two mornings leisurely eating my breakfast while watching dozens of little finches hop around the wisteria vines on my front porch. It's a very peaceful and private feeling house on a quiet little cul-de-sac. Speaking of the cul-de-sac, I've already met 4 of my neighbors, two on each side of me. They are all very friendly. Everyone has been so welcoming. So far, I love it here!

Pics to come soon.... haven't unpacked the cord that goes from my camera to the computer!

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