Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trip to Mema and Pepaw's

 Towards the end of February I wanted to get a trip into see Mema and Pepaw before we left Texas. This is Mema trying to figure out how to use the video camera.

Pepaw was having a sprinkler system put in, which meant that the girls had access to a lot of mud to play in. This thrilled them. 

 "See, I sort of still fit in Mema's sink!" Maddie washing off the mud. I carried her from the back door to the sink, her feet were caked in mud!

 Darian and Daylynn came to visit while we there. They found these color boxes of my girls' and they thought they were the coolest chairs. They wanted to sit on them the entire time we were there.

 Darian asking what's for dinner?

 Mema put the girls to work mopping the porch. They ended up swishing the mud around, but they sure had fun doing it.

 Maddie giving Daylynn some love.

 And Darian.
 What, just sittin' on our stools!

Mema wanted pictures up on the blog! Love you Mema!!! Izzie and Maddie love running into Mema's room first thing in the morning to watch a cartoon and wake up slowly with Mema while she drinks her coffee. Mema likes it too, because it usually means I'm the one in the kitchen making breakfast for everyone!

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