Sunday, February 3, 2013

Under Contract!

 It's been a stressful year, but there has been a lot of fun along the way, and sometimes I even remind myself to sit back and relax. Read a good book and listen to the laughter of my kids playing outside.

 Izzie and Maddie enjoying a bright sunny January day.

 Izzie and Maddie whispering secrets.

 Math game I made for the girls. They answered my equations on the right with Greater than/Less Than or Equal to, and then on the left sheet they made their own equations.

 I had them write down my equations. What amazes me is that their cognitive ability is far higher than their writing ability! But we keep practicing and I've seen lots of improvement.

Izzie my roller derby girl!

 The girls pretty much outgrew their toddler beds a year ago. We were going to get them new beds right before John got laid off. Then it was an expense that wasn't completely necessary, they still fit on the beds, but they were just old enough for twin size beds. Then when he got a new job in Washington and we knew we were moving cross country we decided to wait until we saw what their new room was going to look like before we bought new beds. Well the last couple of weeks, I've cringed every time I had to tuck them in. They just didn't fit anymore. So they've been sleeping in the guest room the past couple of nights. They like to sleep on top of the blanket and under their blankets they got from Mema for Christmas. Maddie got so used to hanging off her toddler bed, she is still sleeping with one foot off!

 Just as we are about to move, the girls are old enough to go knock on their friend Clara's door and see if she can come play. She lives a few houses down. Well, we'll just have to get some playing in before we leave in a couple of weeks! Izzie, Clara and Maddie

 We emptied the storage unit into our garage. The mover/packer is coming on Tuesday to evaluate how long it's going to take to pack us up! It's getting REAL.

 Maddie and Clara


 Izzie, Clara and Maddie

 The girls got a hold of one of my homeschooling manuals and were flipping through the pages. They saw an illustration in the "art" section from another kid. They thought it was pretty funny looking (it was a drawing of a person with a square head) and they had to copy it!

Squeezed in an extra library trip this week since we read through all of our books really fast. This was the day before I left to go back to Vancouver for a second house hunting trip and they wanted lots of library books to take to Nanna and Popo's house.

Speaking of all the move and house hunting... we are under contract to sell our house in Texas AND under contract to BUY a house in Washington! I fell in love with a house on my first trip, it was still for sale when I went for my second trip. We made and offer and it was accepted. Now we still have to get through the inspection but I know it was meant to be!!! It is an AWESOME house!!!
It's on a cul-de-sac and is a pie shaped lot, so the front yard is very small, but behind that wall is a large front deck.
 I love that it is a one story house, I'm over having a two-story house!

 The backyard is beyond amazing. It's everything I would dream a backyard to be. It has lots of nooks and crannies. It's got interesting features like this wall that sort of divides the yard. There is a little gate in the middle. The girls can pretend it is a store or house. In the background there is a shed. It was locked so we didn't get to look in it, but we might consider turning it into a playhouse for the girls.

There is a very large back deck and a little pond on the right side of the yard.

I'm so happy we found a great place to live in Washington. I can't wait until we close!

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