Monday, February 4, 2013

My inventors

I LOVE to see the cogs turn in my kids brains! We were reading a chapter tonight about ancient Africa. I didn't know that the Sahara desert used to be lush farmland! Over time it became a desert, which cut the people from Egypt off from the people in the western parts of Africa. Anyway, as I was reading about desert conditions and how dry and dangerous it could be, Maddie asked me why it was so dangerous. I told her that people need water to live and in the desert it can be hard to find water. She lights up and gets very animated. She exclaimed, "I just made an invention!!!!"

"What is that?" I asked her. She told me, "I'm going to invent a sucker machine. It sucks water from the ocean and brings it to where you need it."

"Very useful," I say. Izzie then pops up and says that she also has an invention. Her invention scoops water and then removes the salt and pours it into your cup. I said, "Very clever, that is a great idea because salt water doesn't taste very good." So Maddie decides to add another machine to her invention. Hers now sucks water from the ocean into another machine that swirls it around until all the salt is gone. Then it slurps the water into water bottles for you to drink from.

Pretty cool conversation around our dinner table tonight!

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