Saturday, January 26, 2013

Princess Tea Party for Riley

Last Saturday the girls were invited to a Princess Tea Birthday party for their friend Riley. They were very excited!

 Izzie signing her name into the guest book.

 Maddie signing in too.

 Then they got to pick out princess dresses. Maddie, Izzie.

 This is the birthday girl Riley with Princess Belle.

 Maddie and Izzie with Riley.

 Riley looked very overwhelmed for the first half of the party. But I think she was having a good time. All the kids put on their princess manners and were very quiet and polite.

 The tea table.

 Maddie getting made up.

 Princess Pose for Maddie.


 Sister Princesses.

 Maddie and Izzie made Riley a special birthday card and taped homemade puppets (on sticks) to the cards. They were so excited to give these to their friend.

 Riley with her royal court.

 Making tiaras.

 Riley watching Izzie get her make up on.

 Princess parade with a royal wave.

 Maddie's place setting.

Izzie's place setting.

 Sitting down to tea.

 Playing Musical Chairs, Princess style. They swooshed and turned while going around the circle.

 Riley opening her presents while everyone eagerly looked on.

Enjoying tea (cupcakes and juice!) And yes, I did let the girls have a taste of the vile pink colored lemon flavored sugar water. And I just held my breath while they consumed a cupcake, a cookie, a cake ball and a lollypop all in one sitting. Let's just say that is NOT the norm. I paid for it later with super hyper girls. It was a very pretty party and I'm glad the girls got invited and got to share a special day with a very close friend of theirs. I just wish our culture didn't make sugary treats the norm. This party would have been just as divine with one cupcake, a cucumber tea sandwich, an open face ham sandwich, etc.

Anyway... it was a perfectly lovely afternoon!

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