Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Busy Beginning!

 We got ourselves back in gear today. It was a very full day, but full of fun too. Started off with a trip to the chiropractor. I injured my back on Christmas day and it's been hurting ever since. I got in to see Dr. Reif on the Friday after Christmas and he did wonders, but it was still bothering me. Now it feels so much better! I think he "fixed" it today!

From the chiro we went to gymnastics class. Sad to think they'll only have a few more classes before we move. Well, sad and exciting. Every time I think about moving I go from one extreme of emotion to the next. I'm going to miss Coach Michael. He's really good with the kids. Maddie and Izzie's cartwheels have improved so much since he's been their coach. And today watching them on the trampoline, it's just amazing to think how far they've come. Izzie is so graceful in her movements and Maddie is pure power. If they were to ever decide to go further in gymnastics I could see Izzie being good at beam or floor and Maddie would be awesome at vault or uneven bars. I love watching them both develop!

After gymnastics we came home for a quick lunch and then back out to a playdate at Riley's house. Her room is the ultimate girly room. Riley, Maddie and Izzie had a really good time playing dress up and barbies.

After the playdate we came home to do some lessons. For reading lesson today, I had the girls read me a book from the library. I finally found one that they could read every single word. (I had to help them with "Whose and Those" but all the other words in the story they got. I hope it was a confidence builder for them to read an actual book. They've been so funny about reading lately. When they apply themselves they are really good at it, but they don't even want to try most of the time lately. I don't want to push too hard, but I know they are capable so I want to push just enough. It's a tricky balance.

 My intention was to have a math sheet for them to work on by themselves while the other girl was doing her reading lesson, but since this was the first time I asked them to do anything like this they needed some more direction. These problems were all incredibly easy for them. I don't know which way to take their addition. Right now they do all their addition by counting items, so maybe since they seem to have that concept down pat, I need to start in on memorization of basic addition. I hated doing that as a kid. I also distinctly remember doing that in 3rd grade, so is that too advanced for a kinder? I was behind in math in 3rd though... but I remember timed worksheets. Shudder. There was like 100 problems on the page and you had to answer as many as possible in five minutes. Since I never took the time to memorize my basic addition I had to sit there and count out each problem. I really want the girls to memorize their basics.

Another fun thing we started today is a Reading Adventure Game. They sounded excited about it, but we'll see if it takes. I told them when we were out and about driving or shopping if they find a word and read it to me, then when we get home we'll write the word down. When they get 20 words, we'll go buy a new book. Maddie read "STOP" from a stop sign right away. Of course that is a word/sign she's recognized for months and months, but I didn't want to discourage her from the idea of the game. I'm hoping to get them interested in trying to read words in their world. We'll see...

UPDATE: I just had a DUH... moment. I now remember 3rd grade was when we did multiplication timed sheets. I struggled with both memorizing addition and multiplication in those early grades so my memory just got the two mashed together.


MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

I remember those timed tests, too...third grade multiplication.  There were these caterpillar bookmarkers, and you only got a sticker for each of his body parts (if that makes sense) if you got 100% on the test.  There was a test on 1's, 2's, 3's, and so on.  I think my stomach still flutters thinking about that!  I wanted that complete caterpillar so badly!  ;)

Sounds like your girls are doing so well in reading, and I wonder if the math piece will come to them at some point.  I think basic addition is so much about spatial some point, does it just start to click?

Amanda Dittlinger said...

Mandy- they are actually really good at adding. They just seemed to naturally pick it up, even when they were really young. I guess because I started adding things with them throughout the day. So they totally get that adding a group of 3 to a group of 4 is 7. But what I meant about memorization is that if I asked them what is 3+4, they'd have to use their fingers to add it up, they haven't memorized any addition facts.