Saturday, December 28, 2013

Legoland and another birthday gathering!

 A few days after Christmas, Aunt Julie took us to LegoLand in Grapevine Mills Mall. It was pretty cool! This was the "pink princess" area.

 I loved this big giraffe in the baby area.

  Izzie liked the little bumper car exhibit.

 The next day, I went out to run some errands and Grandma had all the kids! Well, except for Holly who was at a doctor's appointment if I remember correctly. They had fun playing games in the backyard among other fun activities with just Grandma. John and Grandpa were out playing golf.

 Sabrina and Sammy watching the kids play.

 I love this picture! John showing something to Sabrina, Lucy, Izzie and Maddie on the iPad mini he got for Christmas.

 To say that this family has lots of tablet computers is an understatement. But they are sort of awesome. Even little Holly is a pro at working the iPad! Especially when her big cousin Sammy is right there to help out.

 Maddie, Izzie and Sabrina playing with a building toy that Santa brought.

Izzie playing Bows and Arrows!

 After they knocked down an angel off the hall tree the day before, the archery was moved outside.

 And a few hours later out of know where, splut... two girls not feeling well on my lap. We were at Nanny's house to say Merry Christmas to Aunt Judy and Uncle Jim, when these two girls got hit with a bug that literally lasted for a month. This was Dec 28th, and today Jan 28th is the first day I'd declare both girls healthy (knock on wood). It's been a looooong month! They never got really bad sick, just a cough that would NOT go away!

 Still not feeling well, we went over to Aunt Julie's house for their birthday party with this side of the family. It was supposed to be at Jackie's but John was running a fever before we left the house (not knowing that the girls were going to be flopping an hour later, too) Julie graciously hosted at the last minute. Here's Sabrina ready to help Izzie and Maddie check out birthday presents.

 What a fun cake!

 They asked Grandma for a cookie cake and she ordered them a small one, but got this big one instead. They didn't mind... well, except they were feeling so miserable at this point that they barely ate any cake.

Izzie, Sabrina and Maddie.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day

 This pile was left here by Santa.

 Milk and cookies left out by the chimney were all eaten.

 Christmas morning came and all the adults in the house were awake, waiting on the two girls to excitedly burst through the doors. And we waited, and we waited and we waited. Finally we just went and woke them up! Sleepy heads, get out of bed!

 Coming down the hall....

 And plop on the couch to take it all in. After some encouragement we finally got them to go investigate!

 Izzie trying out the bow and arrow.

 When the aunts, uncles and cousins started arriving, guess who really liked the pink little tent? Yep, Uncle Cody!

 Hey Lucy!

 Grandpa and Grandpa's Christmas extravaganza! Lucy, Holly, Sabrina, Sammy, Maddie and Izzie's toys laid out in piles. These all stay in the toy room covered by blankets until after breakfast.

 Close up of Maddie and Izzie's goodies.

 Then we lead the kids in and let them have at it!

 And this is where Nanny says every year, "Have you ever seen a Christmas like this? I've never seen a Christmas like this!"


 Then the grown ups sit around and open presents while the kids go play.

 I found the pickle ornament this year. It was hiding under this Christmas tree hat.

 A little bit of football, on a beautiful Texas Christmas Day.

 Holly found Daddy sleeping in the tent. I think next year, I need to get one of these for Cody.

 Holly squeezed in with him.

 And this is where we all lined the kids up, screamed and hooted and hollered at them trying to get one decent picture. Which I did not get. I'm hoping one of my sister-in-laws got a better shot.

 And the kids with Nanny.

 And the kids with Grandma and Grandpa. Maybe I can photoshop a tie on Grandpa?

Miss Holly sitting at Grandma's computer wearing Grandma's glasses.