Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pirate Party

 Pirate's Izzie and Maddie

Michelle and the youngest Pirate at the party, Corinne.

 The Pirate Party was a HUGE success. Everything went perfectly. I love that a five year old's party can be kept simple and still a be just as fun as one that someone spent hundreds of dollars on.

 Treasure Chest full of loot!

 Pirate Riley

 I put out coloring pages and a lot of balloons on the floor to entertain the kids while we got lunch ready.

 Checking out some of the treasures.

 Balloons are so fun to toss around!

 The trampoline that the girls got from Santa was a huge hit at the party.

 All the kids gathered around to hear the first clue. I made each one a loot bag to take along on the treasure hunt.

 The first clue sent them to the fridge. From there they had to go to the upstairs bathroom.

 Check out Ford taking that corner!

 Listening to the the third clue...

 And they are off down the stairs again! I sent them up and down, up and down!

 They all listened carefully to the clues as they were being read. And then they were off again.

 This clue was in the oven!

 After we collected 8 small chests and the treasures that each contained, we had four pieces of a treasure map (floorplan of my house) we saw that X marks the spot, which led us to the garage where a BIG chest was waiting.

 In the big chest was the pinata! Our original plan was to do it in the backyard, but the 4" of snow on the ground had us swinging our sword in the garage.

 Riley and her dad Clint, helping man the pirate ship so that John could film it all.


 Riley again. They each took two turns at it.

 And then I  had to whack at it about 10 times to get the thing to actually open!

 Next we played a "pin the tails on the donkey" or "Put the treasure chest on the X" I gave the win to Clara since she was the only one willing to wear the face mask!

After that we did "Race to Treasure Island" or "Musical Chairs" They each got to go home with a treasure map placemat too!

 It was down to Maddie and Ford at the end. Riley made it to the third spot. But Maddie won this game!

Cake decorating isn't my forte, but I tried, and I think I did a decent Pirate themed cake. I went to make this last night and realized that out of my THREE boxes of food coloring, I was out of all yellow and gold so I couldn't make gold treasure in the chest! It still came out pretty cute. If you squint...

 We sang happy birthday twice. Here's Izzie blowing out her 5!



A huge THANK YOU to all who came to celebrate my girls' FIFTH birthday! I know that my girls had a great time spending the afternoon with their friends and will remember this party for a long time to come!

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MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

I love all the touches, especially the treasure cool!

So glad your girls had a great party!