Sunday, December 30, 2012

Memory of Make-Up

I think every year since I was probably 13 or 14, my Mema has bought me one of those mega eye shadow/make-up packs for Christmas. You know the ones at the drugstore that cost 9.99? She didn't get me one this year, and I didn't even thing about it until this morning when I was in the store buying some cough drops for John. I wanted to buy myself one... they are so irresistible, even though the quality sucks. Just ALL those colors. The ones that had sliding drawers and hidden compartments were especially coveted. I wonder if she didn't get me one this year because she thinks I'm a grown up? I couldn't resist throwing a compact with 6 wild colors in my basket that was on sale for 50 cents... see not so grown up after all!

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