Monday, December 31, 2012

In summary of 2012...

Ever since I started this blog, I've done a year in review on the last day of the year. It gives me a chance to go back through my photos/blog posts and remember points of the year that I would have forgotten otherwise.

Looking back, January was a pretty slow month. I did start the year off with a charter. So funny that I completely don't remember writing it! Not very effective, to write something and then promptly forget about it. That being said, I did hit some points of the personal charter so creating words in the world does have a way of bringing it to fruition. It's funny that the first paragraph I say "I love controlled change. That is, change that I create." If only I had known what this past year would bring. Change way beyond my control.

Some of the points of my charter: We didn't end up going on a family trip this year like I stated I wanted to do; well not John, me and the girls anyway. I did go on a family trip with Mema and Pepaw and a cruise though. I did not make exercise a priority. I did sell a lot of my artwork in the form of Appliqued Name Towels and that really rocked my boat. I did love spending the 4's with my girls and I still just sometimes stare at them and are amazed at who they are becoming. They inspire me daily. The second to last paragraph, I talk about focusing on my marriage. To think of this past year in terms of my marriage gives me happy tears. John and I went through a lot with the lay off and new job and trying to sell our house and I sincerely think we came through all of it stronger. We have been there for each other every step of the way this past year. I have often thought that in the future we will look back on 2012 and really be proud of ourselves for what we accomplished. Anyway, to read my original 2012 charter it is here. If I create a 2013 charter, perhaps I should actually look at it throughout the year??

Also in January I was able to get away to a Mom's Weekend. That rocked.

-Then February came with a big surprise. We were out of a job.
-The girls got to go to a really awesome Princess Birthday Tea Party.

-March came and I took the girls on a "campout." This was supposed to be in preparation for a campout at a different location, which never happened. But we still had fun!
-My Mother in Law got diagnosed with cancer in her kidney, but thankfully she had a successful surgery and is now cancer free.

-In April, my mom and I took the girls to the circus for the first time! I still love when I can post anything that is a "first" for my kids.
-Another first was their first play, "Charlotte's Web"
-I really started doing focused homeschool lessons around this time too. I don't post everything I do with homeschool, this isn't a homeschool blog, but I do like to post some of our highlights.
-We also went on what is becoming an annual picnic by the lake. I guess next year, we'll have to find a lake to go to in Washington!

-In May... Mema and Pepaw came for a visit!
- And we went on a very cool Identical Twin Playdate.

-In June we went to go see Mema and Pepaw
-And Nanny turned 90!

-In July the "little twins" (what we call my identical twin cousins) turned one! Just realized that this year I had one family member turn 90 while another turned 1. Almost a century apart. Way cool.
- We got to watch the 2012 Summer Olympics and do lots of fun homeschool lessons around them.

-In August I took the definition of spontaneity and went on a very, very last minute week long trip to visit family in Alabama. This included a 16 hour drive with Mema, Pepaw, Maddie, Izzie, and my cousin Ryan.
-Driving to Alabama.

-In September John got a job offer from Logitech and we found out we were moving to Washington! We put our house up for sell.
-Another first! The girls' first haircut.

-In October I went on my first cruise. This was bittersweet. It was so much fun, but Mom wasn't allowed to board at the last second and so she didn't get to cruise with us, and it was all originally her vision. I wish there was some way to turn back the clock and have her on that trip with us.
-The girls went as Rapunzel for Halloween.

-Another first for Novemeber... I took the girls to vote for the first time. Of course they didn't get to vote, but we talked about the President and a bit about our country's government.
-I was the guest speaker at my PAMOM meeting for November, and I took the girls so they could see their mom in a leadership role. Pretty fun.
-My friend had her baby, Hudson Monroe Davis.

-In December we went to go see Santa. Of course.
-Another friend gave birth to Xavier Suson.
-And the girls had the coolest Pirate Party ever.

These of course were just SOME of the highlights. This was such a different kind of year for us. John was home with us for about 8 months, which was special. I mean, it would have been nice to have been employed, but taking the situation we had, we turned it into some pretty special quality time with husband/dad. Then of course the last couple of months he's been working hard for us in Washington and we've been doing our best to sell the house. I'm glad I took the time to go back and reflect on the past year though. It's cool to see that we were doing new things, being spontaneous and adventurous and not letting a stressful life event rip us apart, but actually bring us closer. I was joking with someone that I was glad 2012 was over... but now, looking back... 2012 is a year to cherish.

I am excited to venture forth to all the new that 2013 will bring!

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