Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday Season

This Christmas season has been such a contrast to last year. With John working up in Washington right now and us still in Texas it's been all up to me to create the fun and excitement. Yesterday I posted on Pinterest that I haven't done ANY Christmas crafts with my girls and it really bummed me out. But I do have to step back and give myself some slack because I am solo right now and it is just different. I think the three of us are doing a pretty stellar job, even if we don't have any googly eye'd reindeer made out of handprints. And who knows.... Christmas is still 6 days away, maybe I'll pull something out of my magic hat. 

One tradition that I decided to start this year and am so glad I did was a Christmas book-a-day starting December 1st and going through Christmas. We started with Elf on the Shelf and I've got Twas the Night Before Christmas for the 24th. The rest have been a hodge podge of Christmas stories from classics to modern. We have the Texas Twas the Night Before Christmas, A Christmas Angel, Rudolph, Frosty, Strawberry's Berry Merry Christmas a lots of other fun stories. The girls have taken turns unwrapping the books and it is they have really enjoyed it. It's been fun watching the stack of books get smaller and our ledge get more and more full. 

Other ways that this holiday season has been different is in the lack of party invites. Last year I got invited to so many parties I was spinning trying to keep up. This year I got invited to none. Not only that, our Christmas cookie tradition with Grandma got canceled due to sickness (to be rescheduled after Christmas  but not quite the same.) I know it couldn't be helped, 4 of the six grandkids were under the weather, but it was sad to miss it. It's not that big a deal, but I am a bit sad tonight. I just looked up and realized that Christmas was in 6 days and other than the fun I've been creating with my girls I have just not been engaged in the Holiday festivities like I was last year. I've sort of felt like I'm not really in Texas but not yet in Washington either. This limbo is crazy. Anyway... those are my ramblings for tonight. I'm so glad John comes home in two more nights. I'm just disconnected and I need a big hug from my hubby. 

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MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

For as much fun as the holidays can be, I know they can also be stressful and emotional, too.  I kind of hit a wall a couple of nights ago, but I'm slowly bouncing back.

Cut yourself some have so, so much on your plate right now.  You are flying solo at home, and in addition to that physical / tactical responsibility, I know there's a huge emotional component, too.

I hope you can find something simple and fun to do over the next few days.  And woohoo! for John coming home soon!

Love the unwrapping of a new book every day...we may introduce that next year.

Thinking of you and sending warm holiday wishes!