Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Tree

Somehow (um... being sick) I got behind on the blog again, so pictures are going to be out of order. But I really wanted to post about today! So I'll just have to backtrack later. Today was our Tree Trimming Day. I planned a family get together and we made finger foods. Instead of having a sit down dinner, we munched and decorated. It was great and I think should be a new tradition!

I made these cute little appetizers I saw on pinterest. Each tomato is hollowed out and filled with tapanade. Then a fresh mozzarella ball is skewed on to the tomato and then it is marinaded in a vinaigrette. They were pretty tasty!

After making some mini-quiches the girls and I went tree shopping. Maddie is checking out the tent structure while Izzie is waiting patiently. It took forever to get help loading out tree into the van, but we finally got home with the perfect tree!


 Awesome cheese tray, mini-quiches, tomato skewers, fruit, veg and just yum.

 Mom, Maddie, Izzie and Popo.

Our tree looks GREAT this year!!!

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