Sunday, November 11, 2012

What we are reading now

 My First Math Book - This book seems to be out of print, but I bought it used on Amazon. It was a recommendation from The Well Trained Mind and I'm  glad I bought it. It's full of very bright colors and basic math concepts. Some are well over my girls heads, but it's a good resource for covering lots of basics of math. Sometimes I forget math isn't all addition and subtraction. Also included in math is sorting, symmetry, telling time, graphs and so much more! I think we'll reference this book for awhile, some of the activities are for much older kids but it's cool that we can at least talk about them briefly even if we don't go into much detail.

 The Well Trained Mind - This book is a laid out plan for homeschooling all the way through highschool. I do not know how long I want to homeschool. We are taking it a year at a time and seeing how the girls and I both do with it. One of the suggestions this book has for the pre-k age is to read, read, read, read to your kids. She suggests to buy abridged versions of classics and read them to your kids. This way as they get older they are familiar with the story and can read the full version with more understanding. So far we've read The Secret Garden, Treasure Island, The Story of Doctor Doolittle and we are in the middle of The Jungle Book. I'm not doing any lessons really with these books, just reading them at bedtime.

I picked this book up at Barnes and Noble one day when we were just browsing and it has been a great find! I like this book because it gives you a more detailed guide than the Well Trained Mind about what kids are learning at each level in public schools. It isn't actually written as a homeschool book, but for parents to supplement their public school child's education at home.

Anyway... that's some of what we are reading right now and I think we are doing pretty well with it all!

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MandyE_TwinTriumphs said...

I love seeing what you're reading right now!

I am in the middle of a Montessori book.  I love reading about different approaches to learning.

Have you read Einstein Never Used Flashcards?  That's one of my favorites to date.  It covers all basic subjects, and talks about how children acquire each of those subjects.  It also has suggested [general] activities to foster skills by age.