Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving at the Dittlinger Clan

 What a way to start Thanksgiving! It was a beautiful to wake up.

 Lucy, Holly, Maddie

 Lucy, Holly, Izzie and Maddie


 I can't believe how big Holly is getting!

 John and his Mom.

 Dana and Dad.

 Izzie and Lucy.

 Cousins watching the Macy's Parade

 Maddie, Sabrina and Izzie, Julie in the back.

 Holly just chillin' with Julie

 Daddy and his girls Maddie and Izzie

 Turkey is done, almost time to eat!

 Nanny at her battle station... making the gravy. It isn't Thanksgiving without Nanny's awesome gravy.

 The spread.


I blame John for this fuzzy photo of the kids table. Izzie, Maddie, Sabrina and Lucy!

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