Monday, November 5, 2012

Tea Party

 This glider has gotten lots of miles swung into it. Mostly from Izzie, but Maddie's put her share in too. This is Izzie flying to Washington she told me.

 Izzie posing. These crowns have become an almost daily fashion accessory lately.

 Maddie posing for a photo.

 Tonight we had a tea party before bath and bedtime. With REAL tea. I bought an herbal berry blend that was caffeine free. We were going to use their little tea set but it has holes drilled into the cups. So I pulled down the china they got when they were born. And a tea cup from my cabinet. Our set may have been mismatched but the imagination was flowing. Izzie was totally in character talking in a "tea party" voice. Maddie was posing like the Disney Princesses. This tea party was a HUGE hit. I wasn't sure how I was going to be able to wrap it up, but then in a stroke of genius I told them that after the tea party they had to go get their hair washed at the spa. On to bath they went...

 Maddie showing me how to put her pinkie finger out.

 Izzie with her pinkie out.

And then because my pizza came out so pretty tonight, I had to include a photo. I tried to include as many veggies as I had on hand. I grated a carrot into the homemade tomato sauce, threw on some mushrooms, diced onion and spinach. They were happy to be getting pizza that they actually ate the veg tonight.

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